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10 Book Titles

  1. Veiled Legends About Thaumaturgy
  2. Rites of the Air Gods
  3. Travels of Oralor
  4. Life of Saint Larsol
  5. Common-Elven Dictionary
  6. Wars of the Western Realms
  7. Life of Saint Larmir
  8. Life of Saint Unnatr
  9. Elven Idylls
  10. Compendium on Painting


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10 Book titles/subjects

  1. Veiled Evocation Legends
  2. Travels of Eddaaren
  3. Forgotten Mysteries of the Protection Cult
  4. Compendium on Ropemaking
  5. Ancient Songs
  6. Bestiary of the Giant lynx
  7. Erotic Songs
  8. Tales of the Slaughtered Boatman
  9. Voyages of Selkel
  10. Crow Rituals


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10 Books & Descriptions

The Association of the Cobblers, by of Pithin (Fiction)
By Anniora
• A thick work, in terrible condition, with covers of scales stretched over thin wood.
• Written in Common.
• The book is ancient (2500 years).
• The parchment pages are unbound, but wrapped with a leather cord.
• There is a bookmark near the end.
• An excellent introduction to the subject.
Value: 250 gp

The War of Jamiria, by Pallo Vienica and II
By Thorric of Boleft
• A thick work, in average condition, with covers of leather.
• Written in Common.
• The parchment pages are loose.
• Numerous illustrations contribute nothing, but the writing is good.
Value: 700 gp

On Conjuring, by Carpas
By Thorfinna Erlingsdottir
• A...

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5 books and descriptions

Title: Voyages of Lyratr
Description: The book is a thin volume, with covers of thin wood. The parchment pages are sewn into the spine. In addition, the covers are capped with metal corner pieces.
Condition: Average
Value: 300 gold crowns.

Title: Legend of the Swaying Valley
Description: The book is a thick work, with covers of leather. The vellum pages are unbound, but wrapped with a hemp cord. In addition, the covers have runes carved around their edges.
Condition: Average
Value: 200 gold crowns.

Title: Cow Rites
Description: The book is a hefty tome, with covers of human skin stretched over thin wood. The stamped metal pages are loose.
Condition: Average
Value: 450 gold crowns.

Title: Surviving in the Swamp
Description: The book is a thin volume, with covers of leather. The parchment pa...

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10 Book titles

  1. Unknown Mysteries of the Northern Cultures
  2. Hopeful Verses
  3. Hopeful Poems
  4. Travels of Largath
  5. Guide to Assassination
  6. Mystical Rites of the Southern Regions
  7. Unknown Lore of the Sun Deities
  8. Sagas of the Barbarian Plains
  9. Voyages of Cryserla
  10. Weapons of the Empire
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