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[World Anvil] – Grandfather, the Sentient Castle

“Despite the many years I have been in this world, the horrors I have seen, I have also seen beauty and compassion. For every so-called evil doer I have known someone who’s light shines brighter than than the sun.”
– Grandfather

 Many decades, if not centuries ago, in Corlak, land of the sentient items , the event known as the Spell Cascade was brought to an end by the sacrifice of the people there. When their souls were ripped from their bodies, which had been disintegrated by the effect of negating the Cascade, they found they were drawn to items and objects that were important to them. Book, swords, tools, and in some cases…buildings. 

The entity now calling itself Grandfather was one such person...

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Campaign Chunk – Location – Devrok, the castle of The Blood Lord


Just a mile north of a nearby town lies Castle Devrok. It’s last owner was known only by his title Blood Lord. The castle is a lone keep, with 5 irregular walls around it, with 3 tall and thin towers. The stones have a reddish tint to it. Sadly over the years it has started to crumble and fall apart and locals refuse to go near it, for all those who have are slowly driven mad – animals and humanoid alike. Even insects are driven insane and start attacking each other and any other creature. Plant life exists, but grows slower and has the same odd red tint as the stones, increasing in intensity the closer to the castle you get.


  • Who (or what) was the Blood Lord and why did they abandon the castle?
  • The red tinted stone is rumored to be infused with dragon blood and is...
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2 Castle Hauntings

Haunting 1
A ghostly watchdog howls in the kennels whenever a member of the castle owner’s family faces death. It is still carrying out its guard duties as it did in life. It cannot be seen or exorcised while any members of the lord’s family live. If all members of the family die, the ghostly canine is never heard again.
Time of Haunting: Every day of fall.
Haunting 2
A headless horseman (high elf male named Longia Appuleia Ahenobarba) rides the road outside the castle, seeking to take other people’s heads. Treat this haunting as a ghost with a ghost touch sword. Anyone slain by the horseman is found later without a head. This ghost always returns, even if defeated, unless someone can locate and return its original head to it.
Note: If you use the Ravenloft sett...

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Castle & Haunting(s)

A small keep, crumbling and in disrepair. It is surrounded by a crenelated wall. Banners flying over the ramparts are of two green falcons and four blue crosss on a silver field.
Occupants: Milady Dagkos Crismyraren of the Plains, Baroness of Aldabul, and her house.
Castle Hauntings: (2)
Haunting 1
Upon entering a room, a character finds himself in the castle’s past during some chilling event, such as a murder or a battle. When the character leaves the room, it returns to normal, but any items the character may have picked up and any damage he received remains. This is a powerful form of a poltergeist’s phantom shift
Time of Haunting: Every night when Lunitari is full.

Haunting 2
A hidden desk drawer contains a long-lost letter from a dead castle occupant...

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Castles? Here’s 10 basic ones

1-  a humble manor, which has seen better days. Banners flying over the ramparts are of a red sword on a silver field.
Occupants: Sir Grid Aermaskgeld the Chameleon (M), Baron of Alatr, and his house.

2 – a small castle, which has seen better days.
Occupants: None.

3 – a humble manor. Banners flying over the ramparts are of a black crown on a silver field.
Occupants: Dame Shadter Metemphoc, Baroness of Bensol, and her house.

4 – a large citadel.
Occupants: A local baronial garrison.

5 – a good-sized castle, which has seen better days. It is surrounded by a moat.
Occupants: None.

6 – a small castle. It is surrounded by a moat.
Occupants: None.

7 – a good-sized castle, crumbling and in disrepair. It is surrounded by a crenelated wall...

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