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2 new gens now live – Personal Relationships and Children

Today I have added to new generators to the site as part of my ongoing expansion of the Backgrounds & Details generator. As they each cover a relatively small/niche subject matter, I have given each of them 10 outputs for you to either choose from or, roll a d10 and pick randomly If you don’t like the options presented, then re-load the gen page to get another 10 randomly selected from the possible entries and combinations.

Sample outputs and links to the appropriate generator pages can be found below

Personal Relationship
#1 Separated/Divorced
#2 No spouse/relationship
#3 In a relationship, partner having an affair (known affair)
#4 Other type of relationship
#5 In a relationship, having an affair (known affair)
#6 In a relationship, partner having an affair (unknown affai...
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Campaign Chunk Volume 10.5 – Green Children of Goating

Campaign Chunk Volume 10.5 – Green Children of Goating

In the 12th century, in Woolpit, England, there was a legend of two children with bright green skin who appeared in the village one day. They spoke an unknown language and only consumed beans. Eventually, they learned from the children that came from an underground world that had much more people like them in it.

This was considered to be nothing more than a folk-tale or exaggeration until 6 weeks ago. In the town of Goating, two children were discovered when an abandoned mine was re-opened.
Like the original Green Children, they spoke no language that could be understood. Preliminary tests seem to indicate that the children are twins and that their skin colouration is permanent...

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