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[PDF] – Quick Generator – Class/Profession Concept

Quick Generator – Class/Profession Concept

The Class/Profession Concept generator is for those times when you need or want to create a variation or sub class or profession. You may have a ranger, but what type of ranger are they?

This Quick Generator covers the two main genres, so-called fantasy and sci-fi (although this could also cover the modern age).

There will be some overlap between the two, but a fantasy ranger, for example, will be different to a modern and sci-fi one. Also, don’t forget that as this is a random generator, you will sometimes get results that are odd, or weird. But don’t fret! Take it as a challenge and an exercise in stretching your creative muscle, but likewise, don’t be afraid to roll again!

Examples include…

  • Holy Bower
  • Solar Nano-Technician
  • Heretical Sorc...
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Random List – Class Concepts/Ideas

This week’s list was inspired by a twitter conversation and gives you 20 randomly created class/profession ideas or concepts, being a mixture of both fantasy and sci-fi genres (or suitable for both)

Disagree with this list? Think something else should have gone on it? Post in the comments section or on the social media platform you saw this article.

D20 Class/Profession
1 Affiliated Bower
2 Ancestral Engraver
3 Blighted Herbalist
4 Bronze Janitor
5 Chaotic Hacker
6 Cosmo(s) Inspector
7 Freelance Doctor
8 Gold Inspector
9 Holy Project Manager
10 Infernal Soldier
11 Iron Leatherworker
12 Mountain Detective
13 Outlaw Farrier
14 Sky Monk
15 Soverieign Brewer
16 Star Clerk
17 Star Government Official
18 Vault Herbalist
19 Wandering Gui...
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A Chunk of SciFi – 1.09 Esper Guard [Class/Profession]

A Chunk of SciFi – 1.09 Esper Guard [Class/Profession]

“Espers, psyks, call em what you will. Since humanity started reaching out towards the stars their number has increased. Some say it’s because of the cosmic radiation, or that humanity as a whole has evolved…hah…Whatever the reason, we’ve been given a gift with these people. You know the odd thing? There wasn’t the hatred and fear towards them that plagued our planet for generations beforehand. Maybe we learnt our lesson with the race riots and such. Who knows. One thing I will tell you, though, one politician to another, I will never go anywhere these days without at least one in my security detail..”

Class/Role – Bodyguard/Security
Primary Ability – TK (Telekinetic) Shield Generation
Secondary – Hostile/Danger sense

The Esper Guard, ...

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A Chunk of Fantasy 1.05 – Arcane Archiver [Class/professon]

A Chunk of Fantasy 1.05 – Arcane Archiver [Class/professon]

“I hope my loved ones get this message. I am very very sorry. I knew I should have tried to cast the spell. We all heard the stories as kids, and maybe even seen it happen, but you always think it’ll never happen to you. But it did happen to me. I was just trying to protect the village. We had been under threat from the local tribes for many weeks now. They kept taking shots at us as we passed. When Brethar got shot I snapped. I broke into the Sacred Vault and removed the book. It was…easy. I could read it with no issues. So I cast the spell and the bandits all died. But then they came back as zombies and ghouls and other foul things...

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