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Fantastic Feats Volume 55 Combat Feats 2 & RPG Round Up

Fantastic Feats Volume 55 Combat Feats 2

Feats are a useful way of altering or modifying abilities that characters have. Combat is the prime time to use the edge that feats give you.

It could be the difference between life and death, from feeling the cold embrace of steel and living to enact your revenge another day.

These feats are for making combat more deadly…for your foe that is. Just hope they don’t have some of these feats either or your life may very well become more interesting, yet also briefer.

They may grant a bonus when you take aim, or when you kill, or even knock out, another. Some even give you a bonus when you use an attack or spell you are known for.

Inside you’ll find 17 feats in one of four groups

Aimed Attack – 1 Core feat and 4 other related to aim attacks
Attacks of Opportunity Feats – 6 feats related to attacks of opportunity
Follow Through – 5 feats that grant you a bonus when you kill or knock out an opponent
Signature Move – A single feat but with many options for your favourite attacks

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10 Melee criticals results

  1. The weapon strikes the foe’s helmet, knocking it to the side and making vision more difficult.
  2. You parry a flurry of attacks, then seize the chance for a quick riposte into your foe’s neck.
  3. You sidestep with smooth flowing tactics and easily parry an attack. Spinning with precision, you find an opening and thrust your blade up in between armor plating. Your opponent screams out in pain.
  4. Even with your clumsy hands, you manage to jab your weapon into the face of your foe, who roars in pain.
  5. You thrust into your foe’s side until your blade meets bone. Then with a loud crunch, you push through the ribs further for X damage.
  6. As you strike, your opponent raises an arm, absorbing the hit that would have otherwise have landed squarely on the nape of his neck...
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10 Ranged combat Criticals

  1. Your arrow whistles through the air and hits your opponent in the chest. He suddenly inhales and staggers to maintain his balance. You see him looking at the ground with a blank stare as he attempts to regain focus on his surroundings.
  2. The target winces in pain as the shot grazes their thigh and embeds itself in the floor behind.
  3. You curse as your shot goes wide, but your enemy dodges a thrust from a comrade and dances right into your arrow. You hear a yelp of pain as the arrow lodges itself into the enemy’s shoulder.
  4. You slowly squeeze the trigger and send your bolt arcing over the melee chaos, striking squarely through an opening in your target’s armor.
  5. Your shot pierces your target’s lower side, with both the impact and accompanying cry of pain going unheard amongst the din of ba...
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10 Critical Fumbles

  1. Thanks to your short stature, your tower-shield completely covers you while the volley of arrows bounces off the shield’s metallic surface.
  2. Just as practiced, the blow lands firmly on the enemy’s shield, causing no damage.
  3. He parries your attack like you’re hitting a wall. You almost bounce back from the sheer force – this guy is strong!
  4. With a mighty grunt, you thrust your spear at your foe’s exposed belly. But with surprising agility, he sidesteps your lunge and you stumble forward, off-balance from your attack.
  5. With a mighty grunt, you thrust your spear at your foe’s exposed belly. But with surprising agility, he sidesteps your lunge and you stumble forward, off-balance from your attack.
  6. You see an opening and strike, but your opponent twists away from your blow and spins...
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10 Spell/arcane critical results

  1. Mana surges through your body as you harness the elements to your command. The target is shrouded in a burst of arcane energy.
  2. Concentrating on a fixed point, you complete the incantation and watch the exploding effect consume your opponent. They cry out in pain from the intensity of the energy.
  3. Dancing to a thunderous roar, the lightning strike makes your targets spasm involuntarily before they drop to the ground, burned and electrocuted.
  4. As you finish your arcane chant, you thrust your hand towards your foe in a grasping motion. Tendrils of smoke ooze forth and wrap around your enemy’s throat.
  5. Eldritch energy streams from your fingertips and slams into your foe, their cry of anguish dwindling as they fall backwards, nerves afire.
  6. Eldritch energies reach out and caress your foe, sendin...
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