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3 combat styles and their moves

Combat Style: Cunning Foot

Typical Maneuvers:
outside the Plains Attacking Stance
-The Defiant Cunning Thrusting Guard

Combat Style: Wild Autumn

Typical Maneuvers:
Hitting Manuever of the sixty-four fighting Autumns
-Wild Kraken Exploding Stance
Slamming Style of the Wild Autumn
-The Diamond Fox Raking Step aside
Punching Technique of the sixty-four danceing Autumns
above the Autumns Assaulting Guard

Combat Style: Checkered Punching Step aside

Typical Maneuvers:
Slamming Style of the Checkered Foo lion
-Checkered Siangham of couchs with Villainous Mantis Slamming Leap
Naginatas Siangham chaseing Technique of the Checkered North
beyond the Knees Punching Step aside

Created by using : Tablesmith

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10 Result for attack misses

1 -You slice towards your opponent with an overhead chop, but it’s deflected to the side at the last moment. Your enemy kicks your weapon away and grins triumphantly.

2 – You swing your weapon but your enemy desperately bashes it away as hard as he can, and you feel the shock pass down through it, into the bones of your arm. It aches, but you keep on fighting.

3 -Dodging your blow, your opponent adjusts the grip on his blade while glaring at you: “So close.”

4 – You put all your weight into the swing when one foot slips, the momentum turning you. Your swing ends nowhere near your opponent, who seems as surprised by that as you are.

5 – Your target leaves himself open. But as you lunge forward, his weapon appears from nowhere and parries the attack...

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10 Ranged Critical Results

1 – The “Whhiiiirrrr!” of your shuriken through the air seems to distract the enemy’s mage even as he begins to cast his spell. But what distracts even more is the pain of it embedding itself in the side of his neck and the feeling of blood swiftly flowing from the severed artery.

2 – With a crunch heard across the battle, your strike flies true and leaves your enemy bleeding!

3 – Your shot finds its way to, and through, your target’s throat, leaving them gargling blood and clutching at the gushing wound before collapsing.

4 – Peppering your target with long spiked darts, you find the chink in his armor: right below his thigh, you strike him in the knee.

5 – You quickly launch a volley of missiles, raining death onto your target.

6 – Spinning like mad, the hand axe hits your ...

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