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[List] – 20 Coporation Names

This weeks list (taken from this generator HERE) covers the names a modern or futuristic corporation may have. It may not reflect how they started, but almost everyone would know the name and what they currently do.

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D20 Corporation Name
1 Platinum Equipment
2 Beta Limited
3 Prime Data
4 Power Housing
5 Progressive Unlimited
6 United Games
7 Pioneer Global
8 Diamond Apparel
9 Silver Insurance
10 Russian Games
11 Open Microsystems
12 Intergalactic Catering
13 Omega Syndicate
14 Aeon Solutions
15 Phoenix Unlimited
16 Trans-World Defence
17 General Enterprises
18 Associated Broadcasting
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Corporation Slogan Generator now live

This weeks generator has now gone live and is part of the “Corporation” mini-line. This one covers the slogans that every corporation has, the ones that sounds uplifting and full of promise bu ultimately are meaningless.

Corporation Slogan
#1 Together for tomorrows world
#2 Evolve for a better you
#3 We seek your life
#4 Featuring a magical you
#5 Engage for the best things in life
#6 Realize your tomorrow
#7 Fabricate the best things in life
#8 Reinvent your destiny
#9 Designing a magical life
#10 Preparing for family/families
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Corporation Names Generator now live

The latest free to use generator is now live and covers corporation names. A sample can be found below and clicking on the header takes you to the generator page.

Corporation Name
#1 European Industrial
#2 Prime Bionics
#3 Trailblazer Power
#4 Progressive Containers
#5 Specialized Electronics
#6 Astro Instruments
#7 Divine Tactical
#8 Global Productions
#9 German Tactical
#10 Eastern Global
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Quick Generator – Corporation Slogan – RPG Round Up

Quick Generator – Corporation Slogan

Quick generators are for when you need something quick and easily – You don’t need hundreds of linked tables for everything in your games or stories.

This particular Quick Generator covers the slogan or motto that every corporation seems to have, meant to display in an easy to understand sound bite what it is they do, whilst be vague enough to cover many possible interpretations.

Features 2xd100 tables that can combine to produce 10,000 possible slogans for your sci-fi or modern themed games and stories.

You could end up with…

A blueprint for…a brighter tomorrow
The masters of…an extraordinary tomorrow
We deliver…the best life has to offer

Available now at –


Very soon available at – 

Open Gaming Store and Paizo online stores soon (store links)

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Random List – 20 Corporate Slogan

This week’s list brings you a preview of what is coming out next week and is the 2nd item in what I’ve dubbed the Corporate Collection. This one gives you the Slogan! Every corporation seems to have one, normally trite, something catchy and can be taken multiple ways with various interpretations.

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D20 Slogan
1 Anticipate a worthier future
2 Connecting for a better you
3 Connecting for your welfare
4 Creating the best things in life
5 Developing a worthier world
6 Engage for peace of mind
7 Evolve for tomorrow's life
8 Expect an exceptional life
9 Generate a magical future
10 Grow your legacy
11 Harness t...
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