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[List] – 20 Creature Concepts

Back into the regular rotation of things with 20 Creature Concepts!

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D20 Creature Concept
1 Anarcic Dragon
2 Ancient Werewolf
3 Artificial Hydra
4 Bound Shadow
5 Broken Cockroach
6 Calcified Gnoll
7 Canabalistic Ooze
8 Deep Orc
9 Degraded Gorgon
10 Desert Centipede
11 Disentegrating Goat
12 Dull Gelatinous Cube
13 Frost Pixie
14 Grey Kobold
15 Imposing Crab
16 Metalic Moth
17 Miniature Giant
18 Mummified Ape
19 Radiant Demon
20 Scarred Gargoyle

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[List] – 20 creature concepts

This weeks list is based on content that can be made from “Quick Generator – Creature Concept” What does the creature look like comared to the base animal? Is it rare, a mutation or something else?

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D20 Creature Concept
1 Amphibious Worm
2 Anarcic Wolf
3 Ancient Minotaur
4 Bound Eagle
5 Celestial Phoenix
6 Dazzling Kracken
7 Disentegrating Ogre
8 Fiendish Goat
9 Frost Dolphin
10 Hybrid Ant
11 Imposing Whale
12 Insane Crab
13 Jungle Mould
14 Metalic Wraith
15 Mossy Chupacabra
16 Mountain Amoeba
17 Poisionous Moth
18 Possessed Bat
19 River Fungus
20 Subterranean Maggot


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[PDF] – Creature Description Generator – Volume 10 – Mutations

Creature Description Generator – Volume 10 – Mutations

Mutants – The word can conjure fear and sometimes revulsion. They are the same as you, yet different. Some perceive them as a threat, as a hidden danger walking amongst all good and right-minded folk, whilst some see them as the next stage in evolution for many species.

They are pitied, they are feared, they treated as outcasts. Yet a few rises above the hatred, ignoring the braying mob and doing the right thing no matter what.

They can become heroes, villains or horrible creatures with abilities not seen anywhere else. They are here to stay and you could be sitting right next to one right now.

CDG – 10 Mutations is, unlike others in the Creature Description Generator series designed to take an already existing being and give them a ...

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[PDF] Creature Description Generator – Volume 9 – Demonic Beings

Creature Description Generator – Volume 9 – Demonic Beings

Demons, like mortal beings, come in all shapes and sizes. Whilst most have a humanoid shape, sometimes with wings, some can be animalistic or even weirder!

This generator, or series of tables, will help you in coming up with a description for your demonic being, covering what they look like, what the demons’ speciality is and even what happens when they are summoned!

This pdf gives you details on the demonic being itself, not the ritual needed to summon them.

If you need a demon name generator and generator to decide on the ritual name and what is needed to summon said demon, then get a copy of “Demonic Names Generator” and “Ritual Details” from Ennead Games.

Inside this volume of CDG you’ll find tables and content that c...

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[PDF] – Creature Description 8 – Dragons

Creature Description 8 – Dragons

Dragons are considered by many to be THE number one monster. It easy to see why. The size, the sharp talons, the majestic wings and of course the breath weapon that can spew forth death and destruction with apparent ease.

This pdf is made to help you come up with details of an existing dragon NPC, create a new one from scratch or even create a whole new sub-species of the flying tyrants! From the tiny to the huge and beyond, this will help you come up with a description or system-free details for your dragon.

This pdf takes information from “Novus Draco” and expands on it and presents it in a system free format in line with others in the CDG series.

Inside you’ll find tables for…

Size of the dragon
Physical Details – Covering their wings, claws, eyes and more
The breath weapon – The type, size etc
The size of the dragon for each size category
The dragons age


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