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A Chunk of SciFi – 2.07 – Wandering Satellite [Technology]

A Chunk of SciFi – 2.07 – Wandering Satellite

“Where in the name of Old Terra did THAT come from…?”
Recorded transcript of an encounter with a PH-1L class Wandering Satellite in deep space

In the early days of humanity’s first footsteps into the great void, many satellites were sent up into orbit. Most of them harmless or used for such tasks as GPS or transmissions. There were a few military grade ones, orbital weapon platforms and such, plus a couple of deep space scanners. Combined with accidents from impacts and older satellites never activate their return to earth protocols or even just blowing up, the safe orbit points were becoming congested and dangerous to travel through at an acceptable speed.

When the Space elevator and other more compact and combined satellites were put up, it l...

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Random List – 20 Scary and Unpleasant Creatures of Mythology

Not all creatures of mythology are pleasant, some of them are downright dangerous and a few are quite scary. 20 of those are listed below. Some are more suitable for particular areas or cultures, but all have an underlying nasty streak to them, something that makes them beings you do not want to encounter or upset. How many of these do you know?

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D20 Creature
1 Abyzou
2 Agares
3 Asag
4 Azazel
5 Azi Dahaka
6 Baraqiel
7 Belphegor
8 Buer
9 Djinni
10 Dybbuk
11 Eligos
12 Ghoul
13 Hundun
14 Lemures
15 Nephilim
16 Pishacha
17 Preta
18 Rakshasa
19 Succubus
20 Vetala
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Random List – 20 Invasive Creatures

An invasive species is a plant, fungus, or animal species that is not native to a specific location (an introduced species), and which has a tendency to spread to a degree believed to cause damage to the environment, human economy or human health. If these were enhanced, by magic, technology, genetic manipulation etc. they would make an interesting foe for players and protagonists to go up against. You cant deal with them, plead for mercy or anything else of a similar nature. You either have to kill them or send them somewhere else.

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D20 Invasive Creature
1 Asian Long-horned Beetle
2 Asian Tiger Mosquito
3 Black Rat
4 Brown T...
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Creature Description Generator Volume 6 – Golems & RPG Round Up

Creature Description Generator Volume 6 – Golems

In Jewish folklore, a golem is an animated anthropomorphic being, magically created from clay or mud. Many others have been made from other materials, such as flesh, or clockwork. They all follow the commands of their creator or others that use the correct method, sometimes literally. The golem is, essentially a created tool. Some people treat them as slaves or worse, whilst others will give them the same respect they would another sentient or being. This can vary from person to person and culture to culture

All these aspects and more are covered in this volume of the CDG. The CDG (Creature Description Generator) range is designed with a fantasy setting in mind, but can easily be used for sci-fi or modern/horror settings. This creature description generator is broken down into various aspects. Any stats are given in vague terms, such as high, or fast, to allow your creation to fit into as many systems and stories as possible.

The aspects covered in this Creature Description Generator –
Command – How is the golem commanded?
Creator – Who, or what, made this golem?
Description/Form – What does it look like?
Decoration & Details – As it says, covers any decoration and details
Intelligence – A smarter golem is not always a good thing
Material – What is the primary material of the golem?
Movement – How does it move?
Purpose/Task – What is the primary purpose of this construct?
Voice – Can the golem speak or communicate?
Quirks & Features – Some quirks and features to help round off the description

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Creature Description Generator Volume 3 – Witches & RPG Round Up

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CDG3 Cover thumbCreature Description Generator Volume 3 – Witches

A witch is a being that most people will be familiar with. But there are any types, not all of them have the green skin and pointed hooked nose often used to describe them in fairy tales.

There are several main aspects covered by this CDG, with a few of them having further sub-options to help flesh out the description of your witch

Age – How old is the witch? Is she young looking or an ancient crone?
Coven – How many other witches does she meet up with and what do they cover?
Distinguishing or memorable Feature – What is the number one memorable feature of the witch?
Familiar – Does she have a familiar and what is it?
Home – Gives you and idea of what/where the witch calls home.
Mentor/Teacher – Who taught the witch her skills and powers?
Personality Type – What is the main personality of the witch?
Requirements for service – What does she require for her services?
Speciality – What is the witch speciality? Divination, potions or something else?
Quirks/Rare Features – Anything else that is memorable or quirky about the witch.
Transportation – How does the witch cover long distance travel? Not all use broomsticks.
Voice – How does she speak? What is her voice like?

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