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Deklan – Death and Endings

“You mortals think that death and things ending are bad or evil. So many of you fail to see that the death of one thing can allow many others to flourish and begin…” 

Avatar of Deklan addressing his followers

 Pronunciation: – Deck-lahn 


Death as a concept is one that is, if not worshipped, then respected in many cultures. Without death, the cycle of life could not progress properly and everything must come to end in some fashion. Deklan is the deity of this concept made manifest. Deklan is a deity that has no known true image, always presented as a cloaked figure that only reveals their face and nature to the one they are escorting to the afterlife...

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Consequences of returning from death

Although you hope it doesn’t happen, death comes to all, especially in a fantasy/sci-fi genre and can be almost guaranteed in horror. But, for many, this may not be “the last great unknown”. The characters, players and NPCs alike, can sometimes come back via spells or rituals.

But death is a major event in a beings life and being returned, sometimes against your will, from beyond the Veil will have consequences…

  • Flashbacks – Every so often, the one who died gets a flashback to the moment of their death. The more their current situation matches the moment of death, the greater the chance of it occurring
  • Removed from Paradise – When the subject is brought back, it turns out they were in, would basically be called paradise...
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Random List – 20 mass death events

Death is something that, like it or not, comes to us all. Sometimes though it seems to happen in numbers way above the curve. This could be down to a natural disaster, or more often than not, due to humanity being horrible to each other. Whatever the reason, the events listed below had an impact on not only the population but on history as well, in one case quite literally.

Be warned – If you decide to research some of these events, a number of them are not for the faint-hearted and may be considered to be upsetting and disturbing.

Disagree with this list? Think something else should have gone on it? Post in the comments section or on the social media platform you saw this article.

D20 Event
1 Agent Orange
2 Armenian Genocide
3 Assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand
4 B...
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Campaign Chunk – The Vaults of Dunfur

Dunfur is a small estate. Nothing special about it when compared to other nearby locations. It’s owning family , the Dunfers, have lived there for almost 120 years and although some of the outlying lands have been sold for various reason, the core are has always remained in the family.

One family tradition is that any family who have died and their body can be recovered safely is interred in the family vault. The vault is very large and goes under the mansion that sits in the center of the estate. A death some 20 years ago which opened the vault for a burial revealed a rather odd , some might say macabre sight. The coffins had been moved and some of them opened up and the inhabitants removed...

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