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Demon True Names, Use Names and Titles now live

This weeks generator is a name maker and gives you demon true name, use names and titles.This generator uses information originally found in “Demonic True Names, Use Names & Titles” and can be purchased here at DrivethruRPG and Open Gaming Store, but is not 100% the same due to restrictions in the generator code/system I use,but its close enough.

Click on the link in the sample below to be taken directly to the generator page.

True Name Use Name Title
#1 dhmuyichzaaninmyboazh clawgrope goremark The Destructive
#2 gupp du-ak’ll-abliu by’bu’yu’n’n-yo gropewither fumewight twistslug The Insane
#3 exyemon’nmiyonyrzabh blastblight grabspider The Grim
#4 ch-yufl il-nin wailsqueeze starebuttock The Vile
#5 oybeufleaoaayiykw bladegross burblefist The Revolting
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Demonic True Names, Use Names & Titles plus the RPG Round Up

Demonic True Names, Use Names & Titles

Demonic True Names, Use Names & Titles

Demons come in many shapes and forms. One particular aspect mortals have trouble with is their names. Combined with the fact that knowing their true name can often give you power over them, most demons have a second name, commonly called their use name.

Sometimes mortals or other beings also give these demonic beings a title to go along with their name, which can help spread fear or tell you more about who you are dealing with.

This publication features…

  • A system for creating a demonic sounding true name
  • 2 d100 tables for the name that mortals give it
  • d100 table for deciding what title a demon may have
  • A walkthrough for an example demonic name creation
  • 2 pre-done d100 tables to help you save time, one for true name, the other for use names

Available now at –


Tabletop Library

Very soon available at – 

Open Gaming Store and Paizo online stores soon (store links)

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10 demonic taboos

A demonic taboo is a rule that a demon is forced to follow – Knowing this can help those foolish mortals who seek to meddle with powers beyond this realm

  1. May not steal from the dead.
  2. Cannot use supernatural powers during the day.
  3. Can only speak to those it intends harm to.
  4. Cannot eat in the presence of others.
  5. Cannot betray someone else’s lies.
  6. Cannot love someone without misfortune following them.
  7. Must obey any direct command given by an authority figure.
  8. Cannot see through glass.
  9. Cannot harm someone whose name it does not know.
  10. Cannot cross a threshold without announcing its presence.


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10 Demon true names and use names

True Name: Abl
Use-Name: Fondlespike Festerwail

True Name: Thlerssdhtln’naoq’e
Use-Name: Flushquiver Fistspite

True Name: Foltltlksoodheushhl
Use-Name: Facehot Rabidfire

True Name: Chocogiouuil
Use-Name: Gnashgross Spasmleper

True Name: Il
Use-Name: Spurtgreen Vilegreen

True Name: Bhgzoeda
Use-Name: Bluntwobble Spoorglutton

True Name: Aaooarkwoazh
Use-Name: Spewspine Skullfondle

True Name: Uu
Use-Name: Rheumgibber Gropeeye

True Name: Llar
Use-Name: Redblunt Sharpgall

True Name: Eouleabln’n
Use-Name: Puschaos Graspbowel

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10 Demon True and Use Names

1 – True Name: Aofolir
Use-Name: Offallick Cacklecut

2 – True Name: Dhakflzfolphyduan
Use-Name: Wartloose Flushglop

3 – True Name: Oaak
Use-Name: Fleshcrab Looseslake

4 – True Name: Fol
Use-Name: Heartgall Starefury

5 – True Name: E
Use-Name: Spoorblast Fangoffal

6 – True Name: Dhoohln’ndauuz
Use-Name: Gluttonslobber Graspsate

7 – True Name: Yybhzakmmflkwrh
Use-Name: Mildewflush Spittleblade

8 – True Name: Ildug’geeyyowthlmmow
Use-Name: Fatwhine Dreadgall

9 – True Name: Oaandabhu
Use-Name: Slashsore Bruteclap

10 – True Name: Q’thlssarmm
Use-Name: Putridgrunt Crazecut


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