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Tattoo generator now live

Today I added the Tattoo Generator to the site. A sample can be seen below. It’s also been added to the main Backgrounds & Details generator but assumes that the character has a tattoo. If they don’t or you don’t want the character to have one, then you can ignore this section. As always, clicking on the various headers will take you to the appropriate generator page.

Tattoo generator sample

# Location Coloration Quality Reason Type
#1 Shoulder – Left Black outline Childlike Group/Tribe initiation Heraldry – other
#2 Torso – Front Multi-coloured Miscoloured Group/Tribe initiation Tool – other
#3 Torso – Back Other colouration method Miscoloured Got drunk Text – in a foreign language
#4 Hand – Left Minor spots of colour Very Bad/Mistranslated Owed a favour...
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Personal Details generator now live

The rather extensive personal details generator is now live.  There are something like 5 more categories to be added from the BDK2 (Background & Details Kit2 fantasy edition). A few bits have been left out due to restrictions in the generator code being used, so if you want the full experience, you’ll have to get the pdf (which can be done here at DrivethruRPG and Open Gaming Store)

Personal Details
Body Type Type Delicate
Clothing Style Modern(for the period)
Accessory Scarf
Demeanour/Behaviour Demeanour/Behaviour Reserved
Education Highest Level/Equivalent College
Face/Head Ears – Description Protruding
Eyes – Colour Hazel
Eyes – Condition (Left/Right) Long sighted/Fine
Eyes – Description Widened
Eyebrow Colour Same as main hair
Eyebrow Condition S...
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Golem details generator now live

This weeks generator is now live and covers the artificial creatures known as Golems. Sample output can be found below along with a link to the generator page.

Golem Details
Command Method At a certain time of the year
Language High Elf (ancient dialect)
Creator Species/Race Orc
Class Priest or Cleric
Description/Form Form/shape Humanoid – Generic
Size/type Stock
Decoration & Details Condition Old but well maintained
Decoration Other clothing but the decoration is functional/removable/changeable
Defense/Attack Plead for mercy – genuine
Eyes Yellow
Mouth Not noticeable until it speaks
Power Large gemstone at its heart
Intelligence Rating Intelligence Rating 18%
Material Primary Material Other Metal
Movement Movement Type Walking
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Hometown Overview now live and BDK Gen expanded

This week I have added both the Hometown Overview to the generator collection and height/weight above average/typical for the physical description part of the complete background generator. As height/weight was quite small, I could not really justify a full page to it, but f there is demand I’ll add one, but it will be very simple and boring generator to look at.

Hometown overview
Hometown name Kingthorp
Distance to Hometown Neighbouring country
Time spent there Moved in last 3 weeks
Size of hometown Village
Primary aspect/nature of hometown Arcane
Residence type there Homeless
Background & Details
Quick Age Adult
Gender Male
Species Dark Elf
Profession Servant
Personality Persuasive
Family Parents Mother Alive, but ill/weakened...
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Sibling Details generator now live

Work continues to expand the Background and Details generator and this week adds siblings to the mixture. To save on essentially having to duplicate the Female/Male/etc entries in the database, they are referred to as female and male, rather than brother or sister. This is a bit different from the others as it provides 10 possible options to choose from. Each character should then be treated as their own NPC and have details generated for them if required.

# 1 3 (2 older Female & Female, 1 younger Female)
# 2 No siblings
# 3 Part of a multiple birth (6 – (Female,Male,Female,Female,Male,Female))
# 4 3 (3 older Other,Male,Other)
# 5 2 (2 older Female,Female)
# 6 Part of a multiple birth (5 – (Female,Female,Female,Male,Male))
# 7 2 (2 younger Unknowable,Female)
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