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[PDF] Quick Generator – Fake Dinosaur Scientific Names

Quick Generator – Fake Dinosaur Scientific Names

Many times, all you need is a quick idea or a concept. Something to help spark your imagination or to just fill in the gaps. You don’t want a huge number of tables and need something reasonably quickly.

This is where the Quick Generator series comes in. The QG series from Ennead Games has, generally, no more than 2 x d100 tables, which can give you 10,000 possible combinations! Some of which may match up with existing ones.

This particular generator gives you fake scientific dinosaur names, along with the meaning of the words, translated from Greek or Latin.

Example output:
Name (rough translation)

  • Acanthoaetosauria (spiny – eagle)
  • Bellugallussaur (beautiful chicken)
  • Streptostruthio (reversed osterich)

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[List] – Fake Dinosaur Names

Dinosaurs are something that pretty much everyone is familiar with

Disclaimer – Due to the nature of random generators , some of these may actually exist. If you spot one, well done!

This list is a preview for an upcoming set of PDFs. One that gives fake dinosaur names and another companion product that tweaks and generates exiting dinosaurs.

Disagree with this list? Think something else should have gone on it? Post in the comments section or on the social media platform you saw this article.

D20 Fake Dino Name
1 Acanthothero (spiny – beast )
2 Anchinathus (near – jaw )
3 Brachycheirus (short – hand )
4 Brachythero (short – beast )
5 Cryptopan (hidden – shepherd god )
6 Dromeuscyno (running – dog )
7 Frigostome (cold – mouth )
8 Gracililyco (graceful – wolf )
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