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A Chunk of SciFi – 1.01 – Infinite Blue [Drug]

As with yesterdays “Chunk of Fantasy”, today is the start of the SciFi version of the new format and expanded Chunk series. I’m I the process of making a list of possible subjects for the chunk series, so stay tuned on social media and here to see what possible options there will be and maybe suggest any I have missed.

A Chunk of SciFi – 1.01 – Infinite Blue [Drug]

“Many people say that the first dose of Infinite Blue is the best. You never get quite the same high afterwards. It’s always there, just out of reach, tempting you, showing you what you are missing. You can get close but you never shake that feeling that it could be better if you just took a little bit more. Just a tiny bit more. So next time you take a little bit more...

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Random List – Drug Names

Need a futuristic sounding drug name ? Roll a d10 and check below to see what you get!

  1.  Meningysoldana
  2. Calcog
  3. Phropenesomna
  4. Meningysollava
  5. Rinocidate
  6. Calmeningysolchlorolene
  7. Lavacolichlorolene
  8. Obaphropenepine
  9. Rinocidate
  10. Statintami


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Random List – Made up drug names

Need some made up drug names for your pharmaceutical companys? Roll a d10 and check below to see what you get!

  1.  Dornpine
  2. Imagrastimmozine
  3. Nipromozinemilast
  4. Caneraxo
  5. Napirsimilxapam
  6. Solema
  7. Tazpadanemitocene
  8. Zinaanib
  9. Similmidaneamin
  10. Chlorolenesomna



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3 drugs suitable for a d20 game

Red Black Walnutrot
The Vial has a cylinder shape and the glass is yellow, it has horizontal ribbing texture. The liquid in the vial is red, it has no taste, and it has a swampy smell.
Addiction Rating: Negligible
Drug Delivery Ingestion
Satiation: 1 day Damage: 1d3-2 Dex (minimum 0)
Initial Effect: Exotic visions of incredible beauty enthrall the user for the next 1d20+10 minutes. During this time the user has a 50 percent chance to loose any action he attempts, as described in the bestow curse spell.
Secondary Effect: The user becomes numbed to pain for 1d4 hours, immune to pain-induced penalties (such as from a symbol of pain).
Side Effects: Feelings of intense pleasure last for 1d4 hours.
Overdose: If more than one dose is taken in a 24-hour period, the user immediately takes 2d6 point...

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10 Made-up Drug names

  1. Somna amsadismase
  2. Somna col
  3. Fulvpenkin
  4. Cainesele
  5. Nakinraverte
  6. Razepamenol
  7. Virocaineonium
  8. Talamcalxapam
  9. Alfacalnertant
  10. Chloroflurbicaine
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