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A Chunk of Fantasy 1.02 – The Pit of Destruction [Dungeon]

A Chunk of Fantasy 1.02 – The Pit of Destruction [Dungeon]

“Day 3 – The locals still run away scared when we ask about the pit of destruction. Burt tries to try to tell them it was just a name made to scare away the foolish, but I don’t think it helps. Day 5 – We bribe one of the locals to take us to a possible location. We find an entrance right away, hidden behind a waterfall. Day 8. Still exploring the location. The pit is deep, very deep. Will take another day with rests to reach the bottom. It’s overgrown with weeds and making progress difficult. Day 9 – I think I know now why this pace got the name it has. We thought it was a base of operations for an ancient warlord. Turns out it was his prison and what remains of him and his army is still here…”

Main Entrance – Behind a waterfall

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Chests Generator now live

This weeks generator is based on “Dungeon Feature 5 – Chests”, which can be found in pdf form here.

As before, clicking on the header of the sample below will take you to the generator page.

Condition Condition Typical/Average
Insides & Lining Lining No Lining
Compartments 1
Lock Class Mundane
Type Other
Difficulty 7%
Material Primary Metal – Hard
Secondary Wood – Softwood
Shape Shape Rectangle
Size Height (in feet) 5
Width (in feet) 7
Depth (in feet) 3
Contents Contents Nothing
Decoration Decoration Humanoid – Gnome
Defenses Main Defence Image of one who opened it sent to nearest sheriff
Quirk/Feature Quirk/Feature Will spit out anything placed within
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Random List – Dungeon Room/Location

Need a dungeon type room or location named? Roll a d20 and check below to see what you get!

D20 Location Name
1 The Aviary of Woe
2 The Brutal Pool
3 The Ceremonial Manse of the Sorrow
4 The Disgusting Turret of Torment
5 The Drab Pillar of the Oblivion
6 The Empty Monolith of the Fabled Ascension
7 The Farm of the Tranquillity
8 The Forgotten Temple
9 The Glistening Cathedral of Malice
10 The Green Hideout of the Light
11 The Holy Theatre of the Iron Pious
12 The Immense Palace of the Mysterious Light
13 The Normal Hideout
14 The Psychedelic Maze
15 The Purple Bridge of Damnation
16 The Stockade of Malice
17 The Temple of Screams
18 The Trap of the Abyss
19 The Vile Stairs
20 The Yellow Tunnel of the Primeval Mystery

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Dungeon Description

Type of Dungeon: Ruined Structure
Walls: Masonry
Floors: Flagstone
Doors: Wooden
Stuck Doors: 20 Percent
Traps: 10 Percent

Ruined Structure
Once occupied, this place is now abandoned (completely or in part) by its original creator or creators and other creatures have wandered in. Many subterranean creatures look for abandoned underground constructions in which to make their lairs. Any traps that might exist have probably been set off but wandering beasts might very well be common.
Walls: Masonry
The most common kind of dungeon wall – masonry walls are usually at least 1 foot thick. Often these ancient walls sport cracks and crevices and sometimes dangerous slimes or small monsters live in these areas and wait for prey. Masonry walls stop all but the loudest noises...

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15 items of dungeon dressing

  1. -A sudden breeze carries the sound of something banging.
  2. -You find a tarnished silver coin.
  3. -A sudden breeze carries the sound of flushing (like toilet).
  4. -You find a cold spot.
  5. -You hear people at dinner (faintly and ahead).
  6. -There is an arch.
  7. -You smell an acrid odor.
  8. -You find a spell component: wax (white).
  9. -There is a trap here: Inflict Light Wounds trap (CR2) Inflict Light Wounds Trap: CR 2; magic device; touch trigger; automatic reset; spell effect (inflict light wounds, 1st-level cleric, 1d8+1, DC 11 Will save half damage); Search DC 26; Disable Device DC 26. Cost: 500 gp, 40 XP..
  10. -There is a message, on the wall, scrawled in white ink that says: ” Radsvid of Hardin was here.”.It is written in ancient dwarven..
  11. -There is a trap here: A vent emits freezing (3d6 cold=17) gas (DC23) ...
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