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New Generator – Dwarf Settlement Names

As promised I have a new generator up and running, based on the “Dwarf Settlement Namer” PDF.


Sample output

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Creature Description Generator Volume 7 – Dwarf and the RPG Round Up

Creature Description Generator Volume 7 – Dwarf

A dwarf is, according to some, a member of a mythical race of short, stocky human-like creatures who are generally skilled in mining and metalworking.

But dwarfs, like all other creatures, come in a variety of types, not all follow the “deep voiced, grumpy miner” stereotype. The Creature Description Generator is designed to help you make your dwarfs description more varied, interesting and memorable.

Inside this edition of CDG you’ll find 10 Aspects to help flesh out your description of a dwarf:

  • Clan and Name – a brief overview of the dwarfs clan
  • Clothing/armour – What sort of clothing do they have on
  • Face & Features – Anything note-worthy about their face?
  • Hair/Beard – The thing for which many dwarfs are famous for
  • Personality – Are they considered too boring, clever, or something else?
  • Profession/Class – How does this dwarf make a living
  • Tattoos & Piercings – Does this dwarf have any type of body modifications?
  • Voice – How do they sound?
  • Weapon of Choice – What weapon does this dwarf prefer to use in combat?
  • Quirk/Feature – 100 quirks or features to help make the character more unique and memorable

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Open Gaming Store and Paizo online stores soon (store links)

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10 Female Dwarf Names

  1. Zurvaautu Maurand
  2. Aninaral
  3.  Bombia Wyrwarf
  4. Toras mak Tharanuaral
  5.  Bofmorazak
  6.  Marifragirn
  7. Noa Torkrest
  8. Torastrtek
  9. Othuvarurtu mak Wyrwarf
  10. Yurthrahig
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10 Dwarven Insults

Dwarfs are stereotypical know for being colourful with their language. Their insults can be imaginative. Here are 10 for you to use.

  1. Rickety fish-catching rockrunt.
  2. Mouldy slate-carving breadcrumb.
  3. Barbed tree-climbing mushroom.
  4. Mouldy nib-chewing tunnel worm.
  5. Unhoned moss-bearded mole.
  6. Slothful hearth-hating snake’s egg.
  7. Mouldy hearth-hating fuzzpot.
  8. Slothful porridge-faced gasbladder.
  9. Gibbering cave-slinking rockrunt.
  10. Repugnant gnat-ridden pixie.
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