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Scroll of the Conclave

By signing this, you have brought the world on the path to healing. We have all seen that there are many terrors “out there”. We needed to work together or die alone. And today…today we have begun to show just what we are capable of doing

— Erus Cambell, Signing of the first Conclave

 The Scroll of the Conclave, is, technically speaking a class of items. But often when people refer to a Scroll of the Conclave (SotC) they mean the first and most well known, the one used by Erus Cambell, the bringer of Peace at the first Conclave of House-Nations . Although the method of construction of the original SotC is not understood, scryers, diviners, mages and so on, have been able to careful study the scroll to duplicate it’s effects, but at a much lesser poten...

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[World Anvil] – Staff of Hearing

Staff of Hearing

“It was just laying there at my feet, after he dropped it there. My head was still ringing from the blow I had received from it. But when I picked it up, my hearing cleared. I could hear properly. Not only that but I could hear the assassin trying to creep up behind me..I could here his heartbeat, the rustle of his clothing. I could hear his companion in the next room, holding her breath and the rush of air as his arm moved to strike. It was the last move he ever made…”

 This staff is made from a smooth mahogany style wood, which has been stained a deep reddish-brown colouration. It has on the top a gold head, with various symbols and marks on it. One of these symbols is of the maker and it resembles what some say is an eagle, yet others say is a bat...

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[World Anvil] – Goldleaf Bank – The World Bank

Goldleaf Bank – The World Bank

Your money is our money

— Motto of Goldleaf Bank

 Founded in 447, the Goldleaf bank was the result of 7 years of planning and talks. Whilst not the one of the first task successfully completed after the alliance of the House-Nations, it was arguably one of the most successful. Up until it’s founding, each house nation had it’s own banking and currency systems. The Gold Leaf system (as it was originally called) was designed to act as a neutral and central bank to facilitate exchange and currency conversion, for a nominal fee of course. Each of the Great-House nations has a representative on the board of directors and takes turn in running the bank for the year. The current leader is Brotherhood of Hooded Mercy . The idea ran thus: For example, Wh...

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[World Anvil] -Skrank – The foulest dish ever

Skrank – The foulest dish ever

What the hell IS that smell?

By the 12…what is that…it’s in my eyes…FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS HOLY I CAN FEEL IT IN MY EYES

— Most peoples reaction to encountering Skrank for the first time

 The Nation house of Vapos is known for many things: Vapos Spice , it’s navy and many others. But One “well-known” secret is that of Skrank. Skrank was brought to Easthalen by Terrex when their founders arrived here from another world. They introduced it to Vapos as a joke, but in combination with their spices it became something almost tolerable…almost. You see, Skrank is based off a dish called “kæstur hákarl” (referred to as fermented shark or rotten shark in English) is a national dish of Iceland consisting of a Greenland shark or other sleeper sha...

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[World Anvil] – Necromantic Octahedron

Necromancy Octahedron

The octahedron was larger than expected, could barely fit in my hands. It had a golden-white glow about it and was deathly cold. When I found out what it was, the phrase “deathy” seemed quite apt…

— Necromancer Negee’s Unnamed Apprentice, Canticle of Death Magic

 An octahedron is a polyhedron with 8 faces. Some say it looks like two pyramids stuck together. It was this realisation which gave the necromancer Gulan Negee, famed throughout the land for being one of the few popular necromancers, her most famous idea/Creation was, what became known as the “Necromancy Octahedron”. Necromancy is the magical art of interacting with the dead...

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