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[World Anvil] – Scroll of the Conclave (updated)

Scroll of the Conclave

By signing this, you have brought the world on the path to healing. We have all seen that there are many terrors “out there”. We needed to work together or die alone. And today…today we have begun to show just what we are capable of doing

— Erus Cambell, Signing of the first Conclave

 The Scroll of the Conclave, is, technically speaking a class of items. But often when people refer to a Scroll of the Conclave (SotC) they mean the first and most well known, the one used by Erus Cambell, the bringer of Peace at the first Conclave of House-Nations . Although the method of construction of the original SotC is not understood, scryers, diviners, mages and so on, have been able to careful study the scroll to duplicate it’s effects, but at a much lesser poten...

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[World Anvil] – Godshard


“The shard called to her from the box. It wasn’t a prison but a shell, worn in the same way a mortal might wear wear a cloak. It wasnt evil, but many of its siblings were. It promised knowledge, patronage, power. It offered advice, help when needed, guidance. Its demands were simple – Work on improving yourself, gain knowledge and use it wisely. She was lucky it hadn’t been one of the darker shards, or what it wanted from her would have created something terrible…” 

– “On the nature of the Godshards” , author unknown

What is a Godshard?

To understand what a godshard is, you must also know a small amount of history of the creation world of Easthalen. The details of this are sketchy at best, due in part to Halens scrubbing of historical records...

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[World Anvil] Chaloe – Nature & weather

Chaloe – Nature & weather

“The twins are as mercurial as nature itself, they are fitting to be its representation. Bloody and kind, the calm and the storm, light and day, the ground and the sky. Yet if you ever see them, you cannot deny they are twins. They represent nature in all its glory…and fury”

 Chaloe is technically speaking two individual beings, Cha and Loe. It is incorrect to refer to them by their individual names, as they regard themselves as a single soul in two bodies. 

Early Life

Chaloe was born to an Orc mother and human father, believed to be in the Elf-Dwarf Alliance . Whilst they are strictly speaking non-binary, Cha was born female and Loe was born male only a few seconds afterwards...

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[World Anvil] – The Cosmology of Easthalen

The Cosmology of Easthalen

“The Four orbit us, to remind us of the gods of old, not the new ones that took up the mantle when required. Would not surprise me if that is where they went, with each pantheon their own moon. Rather sad we cant go there….still..I am wondering why there are four….?”

The Four Moons

Easthalen is a world with four known moons. Other numerous smaller and irregular objects can be discovered. Old tales from Pre-Barrier times match up, mostly, with whats is currently observed in orbit. Due to the fact they are beyond the barrier, they can only be seen and not traveled to, even with the most potent of spells, due to the globe like Great BarrierOfficially, there are four objects classed as a “moon” in orbit of the world on which Easthalen sits.

  • Albias
  • Berona
  • Cha...
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[World Anvil] – Belia – The Holy Blacksmith, She-who-forges-the-world, the maker

Belia – The Holy Blacksmith, She-who-forges-the-world, the maker

“She once blessed me with a vision of The Holy Forge. It was…divine. It reached to infinity, yet felt very close. The heat from the literal fires of creation were hers to command, the soul-forge assisting in its own way with the imprisonment of Halen. The noise, the sounds, reverberated through me , the clash of metal on metal, the creations of things not meant for this world and mortal eyes. And at the heart of all, in her radiant glory she stood there, hammer in hand, bringing forth something new and wondrous, and then she smiled at me and I knew then whatever she commanded I would do with all my heart, body and soul… 

– Carious Hammerforged, High Smith-Cleric on his conversion to the worship of Belia


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