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Nation-House Profiles 2 – Biblios

Nation-House Profiles 2 – Biblios

“Knowledge is Power”

Designers note – This is the second of the great house profile for Easthalen and deals with the house-nation of Bilbios, scholars and covert agents

There is a common saying amongst the various races and houses that translates to “knowledge is power”. The House-Nation of Bilbios is the living example of that saying.

It is well known that their name comes from another world, as they were one of the first to cross the planes. In fact, the legend goes that the founder of what became Biblios, one Michael Dibosa, was if not the first to travel to another plane of existence and return with proof of the multiverse, then he was the first who was officially recorded doing so...

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Easthalen – Nations of Easthalen  1 – Corlak, land of the sentient items

Nations of Easthalen  1 – Corlak, land of the sentient items

Note: When I had my HD crash a couple of months ago, some of the files lost were to do with Easthalen, something I only found out this week. So I am taking this as a chance to re-do everything one more time, with a bit more organisation than before. So here is the first of the articles about the Great House Nations.

At the time of writing there are, in the land known as Easthalen, 12 Great Houses. All but one House is in control of a particular nation. Some are large, some are magically advanced. The 12th “House” is the Archivers, officially they have no control over any nation, their only land that of the area called in the common tongue the Vault, which holds the most potent of magical artifacts, knowledge and technology...

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Easthalen – Classes

One thing I have been trying to do with Easthalen is to make it unique. Or as unique as a world with elves, orcs, dragons etc can be. I liken it to a cake recipe – We might have the same ingredients as each other but its how its put together and any unique changes that we add that make it stand out from other equally as good cakes. One such feature is a few unique classes and races. Today I’ll be talking about the classes I have planned to add, that go alongside the traditional paladins, wizards etc. These names are placeholders for now and will probably change at some point

  • Archiver
  • Channeler
  • Keeper


Easthalen is a place full of the arcane energy. So much so that even the dumbest person can use magic...

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Designers Diary – Easthalen Chapters

Designers Diary – Easthalen Chapters

Until I can get or find software that meets my requirements, I’ll be making the last two weeks of each month, on the Wednesday and Thursday, article days. These will be related to my planning and design of both Easthalen and the USG (Unnamed Scifi Game – I still need to think up a better title for this but will use it as a working title), plus anything else I can come up with, from ramblings, rants, suggestions on how to use EG products, reviews or anything else I can think of. The Chunks series will still be going on, but for the first two weeks of each month.

Now, on with today’s article…

So far I have the following rough ideas for chapters for Easthalen, in the approximate order I feel they should go:

  1. Introduction/Overview
  2. Timeline/History of the ...
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Easthalen – Introduction and Plan of Action

Long time followers of the blog and myself will be vaguely familiar with Easthalen. It is the nominal game world I use to home all the Chunks series and other items, spells etc. It’s something I have been tinkering with on and off for a few years. The older blogs will give some insight it to what has gone before and my direction etc.  I feel that I am ready mentally to finally start transforming it from rough notes and ideas in my head to something much more tangible. Now, it’s time to get comfy, because this is going to be a long one (Those inclined may now giggle)

The basic concept behind Easthalen is as follows:

The World Barrier was constructed almost 1500 ago to contain a mad god, Halen, to prevent him from undoing existence...

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