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Easthalen #9 – Artefacts of Power in Easthalen

Magic has existed for quite a while in Easthalen, but before the barrier was erected it was seen, at best as a fun tool and at worst as a dangerous power to be messing around with. Artefacts with an arcane origin where few and far between.

This changed quite dramatically after the population became trapped behind the Great Barrier. The first few years after the GB was raised saw a flood of magical items and artefacts into the world, as new-found magic-users experimented. Many of these experiments failed and the Arcane Protectors had their work cut out for them. Eventually, as the rules and laws of magic use came into effect, the decision had to be made to what to do with the vast number of powerful,
yet highly unstable artefacts. Several solutions were offered including:

  • Destruction by vo...
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Easthalen #8 – Major Geographical Features

Easthalen #8 – Major Geographical Features

Last time the Chaotic Desert was talked about. This is not the only major geographical feature in Easthalen, but it is one of the most deadly and, some would argue that it’s nature makes it more like a spell gone wild as opposed to a feature. So here’s a brief overview of the major geographical features of Easthalen.

Designers note: As with any of these rough-guides, the actual name, size and location may and probably will change between now and when Easthalen finally goes live. Think of them and anything else in these guides as work in progress. These are not the only features of course, but a sample of the ones the world contains.

Crater Ocean – Already been mentioned, but due to its size and the fact it has within it Franner Isle, makes it impo...

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Easthalen #7 – Arcane Protectors

It has been mentioned before that magic in Easthalen is dangerous. All can use it, but only a few know how to suppress the side effects when casting. These are the wizards and sorcerers of the world. But sometimes others find themselves in situations where they need to use the ambient magic in an emergency or they simply don’t care. The side effects , although centered on the “caster” can sometimes be very destructive and resistant to standard methods of control – Fires ignore water poured on them, acid burns longer and harder etc.

So how do you deal with these forces that have run wild through misuse or accident? The Arcane Protectors are the magical equivalent of paramedic, firefighter and police. They deal with the fallout...

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Easthalen #6 – The Chaotic Desert

The majority of Easthalen is a temperate zone, comparable to europe on earth, with plenty of plains, mountains and forests. The weather patterns near the Bleed and the Barrier get a bit more chaotic and variable.

One such area is the only major desert. Located in the southern most area the Chaotic Desert(CD) is so-called because it moves within a certain area. It also changes size, with some years being very small and other times filling the area it inhabits. Oddly though it never moves past a particular boundary. This has been tested year after year with poles, fences etc and other systems for measuring the edge – and not once has the sand gone past this line. Not one inch...

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Easthalen #5 – The Races & Cultures of Easthalen

This week Рa quick overview  about the races & cultures of Easthalen.

The vast majority, something like 95%, of the population of registered citizens are human. That’s not to say other races are not around, but they tend to be in The Bleed and other areas where normal people do like to go. Elves, dwarfs and the like DO exist but are very rare.

[Note : In the full game only humans will be allowed to be a starting character. The other fantasy races will either be NPCs for the most part or there will be no real benefit to one of the other races. A third option will be that the other races will have a lot of disadvantages outside the Bleed]

The fact that there is very little racial variation has led to a wealth of cultures...

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