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Easthalen #6 – The Chaotic Desert

The majority of Easthalen is a temperate zone, comparable to europe on earth, with plenty of plains, mountains and forests. The weather patterns near the Bleed and the Barrier get a bit more chaotic and variable.

One such area is the only major desert. Located in the southern most area the Chaotic Desert(CD) is so-called because it moves within a certain area. It also changes size, with some years being very small and other times filling the area it inhabits. Oddly though it never moves past a particular boundary. This has been tested year after year with poles, fences etc and other systems for measuring the edge – and not once has the sand gone past this line. Not one inch...

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Easthalen #5 – The Races & Cultures of Easthalen

This week – a quick overview  about the races & cultures of Easthalen.

The vast majority, something like 95%, of the population of registered citizens are human. That’s not to say other races are not around, but they tend to be in The Bleed and other areas where normal people do like to go. Elves, dwarfs and the like DO exist but are very rare.

[Note : In the full game only humans will be allowed to be a starting character. The other fantasy races will either be NPCs for the most part or there will be no real benefit to one of the other races. A third option will be that the other races will have a lot of disadvantages outside the Bleed]

The fact that there is very little racial variation has led to a wealth of cultures...

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Easthalen #4 – The Gods

This week I’ll be presenting an overview of the major pantheon and gods. Actual details such as their names etc will be covered later.

There are 3 major pantheon in Easthalen. They go by many names and titles, but the simplest way to think of them is Light, Grey and Dark which can be thought of as Good,neutral and Evil respectively. Each has many deity’s of great power, but among them, 4 are considered to be the greatest. These 4 are the most powerful or most skilled. These 4 from each group are the ones who volunteered(light), chosen(grey) or dominated other(dark) to become the best to lead their group. Then Halen happened.

At the exact center of Franner(which in turn lies at the exact center of the world) stands a building. Some call it a temple, others call it a church...

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Easthalen #3 – The nature of magic and it’s use

This week Easthalen article is about the nature of magic in the world and the dangers of using it.

Now in a world like Easthalen, magic is a very real and powerful force used by a chosen few. Why don’t more people use it you ask?

The main number #1 reason why more people don’t use it is a bit of a paradox. In Easthalen, EVERYONE, can use magic. Well, every adult at least.
So why doesn’t everyone use it in everyday life? The main reason is that whilst everyone can use magic, it is incredibly dangerous to do so. A real world equivalent would be like using a dangerous gun without any safety lock. It’s a simple enough principle, but only those with the proper training
can use magic without triggering the side effects that magic use has...

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Easthalen #1- The World Barrier

The World Barrier

The World Barrier. Constructed by the combined will and power of an entire pantheon of deities as the last line of defence against a mad god escaping his prison and wrecking havoc on the multiverse.It goes by many names, such as “The Chaotic Abyss”, or “Fire of Creation”. When the gods made the World Barrier, it was made to be as small as possible. However small to a god is not small to a mortal. It covers the entire world like a globe, only a globe that covers an area of almost 4 million square miles. (Note:This is roughly the size of Europe on Earth).

It’s true nature is unknown to any mortal. Some belive it is a physical object, others say it is more like a bleed effect from the raw chaos found before the beginning of time. Others say its something else...

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