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Campaign Chunk – Event – The Grand Derby


Started 90 years ago the Grand Derby (so-called not because of its size or prestige but after it’s founder – Josephine Grand) has now lived up to its name and become one of THE social events of the year. Held at the racetrack at Grands estate, the track goes through woodland and hills and across a small stream. The track itself is able to be portioned off making it length variable from 1/2 a mile to almost 2, the maximum only being used for the Grand Derby itself. Various hedges,jumps and other obstacles are placed along its length and the track varies from soft to hard and loose to compact as it winds its way through the estate and passes very close to a local tavern – “The Horse and Jockey”, where many locals gather to drink and make wagers on the various races that take part.


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Campaign Chunk – Adventure Outline/Event – Impact

Adventure Outline/Event – Impact!

A falling object impacts the ground leaving a large crater and massive damage


5 nights ago astronomers spotted a meteor heading their way. The meteor was given the name Damocles. It was calculated that the object should not even graze the atmosphere and not cause anything more than a nice show in the sky at night. Sadly though, the calculations made where wrong.

Terribly wrong.

1 night ago, the meteor collided with the planet. It was believed to contain a high amount of magnesium due to the disturbingly bright light that came from it as it burnt up in the atmosphere, more so than other objects entering the atmosphere. Many people thought it was the end times as the night was lit up like a new angry sun had dawned.

The impact shockwave...

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10 Empire/Kingdom Events

  1. High Cardinal murdered in royal palace
  2. Blacksmiths forever branded with special sigils
  3. Everlasting trade treaty signed with Dwarves
  4. Civil war destroyed many towns permanently
  5. Plague killed half of populace in one year
  6. Nation establishes republic and voting rights
  7. King waged a two-front war, successfully
  8. Queen declared herself empress
  9. Everlasting trade treaty signed with Dwarves
  10. Gold-mining ceased during reign of Mad King
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10 urban encounters/events

  1. a dangerous-looking raccoon has claimed an apple cart as his own
  2. large beetle buzzes around head
  3. insect swarm/nest on building
  4. crow squawks repeatedly at approach
  5. group of bats rise in the distance
  6. customer angry with shopkeeper
  7. parent scolding child
  8. a fish vendor bends over to vomit and people point and laugh
  9. people cheer for the party
  10. smoke rises in distance (brush fire)


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10 urban events/encounters

  1. injured bird lies helpless
  2. a man gets down on one knee and proposes, drawing a crowd and knotting traffic
  3. insect swarm/nest on building
  4. city watch follows you for 2d4 blocks
  5. sandstorm
  6. smoke rises in distance (brush fire)
  7. street vendor (food, drink, trinkets, etc.)
  8. religious pilgrims with vow of silence are jeered at
  9. large beetle buzzes around head
  10. a sheet of music blows into a PC’s face
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