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[List] – Fantasy genre NPC concept

When playing any game, sometimes coming up with a concept for the npc your party is encountering can be tricky.  This d20 list can give you an idea to start off with.

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D20 Concept
1 Adorable Sharp Ranger
2 Brash Sanctimonious General
3 Deceiving Humble Smuggler
4 Egotistic Haughty Leatherworker
5 Fantastic Skinner
6 Haughty Cleric
7 Humble Sadler
8 Inconsiderate Terrified Cook
9 Melancholic Unhappy Tailor
10 Peaceful Barkeep
11 Peaceful Discouraged Gatekeeper
12 Placid Engraver
13 Placid Jeweller
14 Repulsive Trapper
15 Secretive Carpenter
16 Terrified Boring Sorcerer
17 Understanding S...
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[List] – 20 Fantasy Class Concepts

First of a two parter this week – 20 Fantasy Class concepts, with sci-fi/modern version next week

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D20 Concept
1 Affiliated Hunter
2 Aquatic Inquisitor
3 Arcane Guide
4 Celestial Sorcerer
5 Clockwork Scholar
6 Cosmo Diplomat
7 Dark Oracle
8 Deep Goldsmith
9 Divine Dog Trainer
10 Enslaved Rouge
11 Feral Butler
12 Juiced Furrier
13 Legendary Seer
14 Mechanized Barrister
15 Mountain Fisherman
16 Night Constable
17 Psionic Baker
18 Royal Bower
19 Urban Artist
20 Yellow Bishop

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[PDF] – Quick Generator – Fantasy Genre Species Name

Quick Generator – Fantasy Genre Species Name

Many times, all you need is a quick idea or a concept. Something to help spark your imagination or to just fill in the gaps. You don’t want a huge amount of tables and need something reasonably quickly.

This is where the Quick Generator series comes in. The QG series from Ennead Games has , generally, no more than 2 x d100 tables, which can give you 10,000 possible combinations!

This particular QG covers species (or sub-species/variants) names, suitable for the fantasy based genre, although there is nothing stopping you from using them in other genres or settings.

With 2 x d100 tables you can get 10,000 possible combinations. Such as…

  • Bone Ogre
  • Glass Zombie
  • Forest Golem

Available now at –


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[PDF][News] – Helpful List 1K Series Fantasy Genre Names and the Christmas in July Sale

Helpful List 1K Series Fantasy Genre Names

The Helpful List series is designed to give you, as the name suggests, a list of various things that you might mind helpful. They all follow the same basic format of at least 1d100 table, sometimes more depending on the nature of the subject.

The 1k series takes this a step further, with 10 1d100 tables themed around a certain subject broken down into their own tables of 1d100 each.

This particular Helpful list series covers the co-called classical fantasy genre race of dwarfs, elf, gnomes and halfling, with Old English being used to represent the stereotypical “Medieval” humans

The names listed herein not in the species or cultures natural language, but have been translated into the common tongue for ease of use.

The tables cover…

  • Dwarf (f a...
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Using Lifeform Maker in a fantasy genre or setting

The Lifeform Maker (which you can get HERE) was designed with sci-fi settings in mind. The thought did occur to me though that it could easily be used to give some tweaks to an existing creature or monster in the fantasy genre. So today I’m going to show you just how this can be done.

To make this easier, I’ll be using for the base creature something almost everyone is familiar with – An Adult Red Dragon. A base creature is used so you have a baseline to work with. This makes design a LOT easier. Even starting with a simple creature like a chicken can result in something truly alien. It also makes it much easier to describe to people “It looks like a chicken but….”

You know what this creature looks like – Big, Red scales, wings, can breathe fire etc.

In LFM, there are two main ways of cha...

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