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A Chunk of Fantasy 2.09 – Eternus [Settlement]

A Chunk of Fantasy 2.09 – Eternus

“What the heck is a town doing in the middle of the desert? Where does it get its water?”
Sir Arthur Figgins, “Famous” Explorer on his 3rd expedition to map the interior of Slalal Desert

Just over 300 years ago, the Slalal Desert didn’t exist. Where it stood was an area of high fertility and grassland. It was out of the way, for the most part, and there were very few settlements in the area. Eternus was once such settlement. Founded on top of a deep spring, the settlement was given the name of Eternus, named after what was believed to be a god of the same name, who’s power was meant to be eternal and everlasting, the hope is that their name and the spring would allow the settlement to last for eternity.

Sadly, this was not to be...

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A Chunk of Fantasy 2.08 – Mask of Trelitou [Artefact]

A Chunk of Fantasy 2.08 – Mask of Trelitou

“No…you can’t have it….it belongs to me…it chose me EEE Eee!”
Lady Mirabella, last known user of the mask

A masquerade ball is an event in which the participants attend in costume wearing a mask. Often very lavish events, they are places to show off your latest clothing. The mask is considered part of that. They can range fro simple eye coverings, to full blown face masks, which, whilst impressive does make drinking and eating harder.

The Mask of Trelitou was one such mask. In its default unactivated state, it has a feminine looking porcelain face, with make up painted on and with a frilly outer edge...

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A Chunk of Fantasy 2.07 – Roulette Room [Trap]

A Chunk of Fantasy 2.07 – Roulette Room

“Is it me or does that look like a giant spinnable disk. I’m a gonna go spin it…”
– Last known words of party scout and rogue

The so-called Roulette Room is one of the most expensive traps ever devised. It was made by a group who wanted to test them self and had access to practically infinite gold and resources. The trap is simple yet deadly and amusing at the same time, depending on your luck.

The Roulette Room (RR) is a multipart trap. The first is the room itself. Entering the room without the right deactivation key (a small black ball) or pass locks the doors after 30 seconds with an audible click. Escaping from the room at this point is hard, but not impossible...

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A Chunk of Fantasy 2.06 – The Elephant Bow [Artifact]

A Chunk of Fantasy 2.06 – The Elephant Bow

“…and astride the Zhang the elephant he stood, his enemy before him, mocking him. His arrows were spent and all he had was his father’s spear and the bow of his mother. Praying to the gods he asked for their help ad blessing, to stop the abomination before him, for if he did not then it would go on to destroy the town and their temple, where all the children were kept safe. And gods, for they loved him so, answered his prayer. The bow began to vibrate and glow with power, causing him to drop it. Those who were there swore they saw it glow and Zhang then picked it up in her trunk, and it was now the size of a siege weapon...

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A Chunk of Fantasy 2.05 – Lamp of Carthas [Artefact]

A Chunk of Fantasy 2.05 – Lamp of Carthas [Artefact]

“Behold, ye who speaks the sacred chant will find their way, your foes shall not approach and yea shall find tranquillity. Beware lest the oil run dry, for the lamp will draw on thy life force and turn you into that which you fear…”
Scroll IX of the Legendary Items of Franner collection.

The Lamp of Carthas is an old, very old artefact. A few stories say it was the first made during the Great Mage War, but this cannot be proven one way or another. The lamp gets its name from the first person that legends say possessed it, even though Carthas is recorded as saying it was never made by him, that he got it from someone else.

As with many artefacts from that era, the lamp itself is very unassuming to look at...

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