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Fantastic Feats Volume 55 Combat Feats 2 & RPG Round Up

Fantastic Feats Volume 55 Combat Feats 2

Feats are a useful way of altering or modifying abilities that characters have. Combat is the prime time to use the edge that feats give you.

It could be the difference between life and death, from feeling the cold embrace of steel and living to enact your revenge another day.

These feats are for making combat more deadly…for your foe that is. Just hope they don’t have some of these feats either or your life may very well become more interesting, yet also briefer.

They may grant a bonus when you take aim, or when you kill, or even knock out, another. Some even give you a bonus when you use an attack or spell you are known for.

Inside you’ll find 17 feats in one of four groups

Aimed Attack – 1 Core feat and 4 other related to aim attacks
Attacks of Opportunity Feats – 6 feats related to attacks of opportunity
Follow Through – 5 feats that grant you a bonus when you kill or knock out an opponent
Signature Move – A single feat but with many options for your favourite attacks

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New Fantastic Feats, Campaign Chunks Compilation and the weekly roundup

I have the pleasure today of releasing not one, but TWO products. The first is the next in the FF series and covers Luck. The second is a compilation of the first 10 volumes of the Campaign Chunks series into one handy volume.

Fantastic Feats Volume 54 – Luck

Luck is defined as success or failure apparently brought by chance rather than through one’s own actions. But what if your actions could change your luck? Would you try and change your luck or would it fight back and make things worse?

This pdf has 14 feats that help to manipulate your luck, plus a system for testing and pushing it as well.

Common Rules
Chance your luck
Chancing your luck
Luck Points
Luck point costs
Good & bad Luck effects

Related Feats
Chance your luck – Improved
Chance your luck – Major
Chance your luck – Greater
Chance your luck – Superior
Choose your luck
Hold off bad luck
Luck Duration
Luck Recovery
Luck of the underdog
Lucky item
Opportunistic luck
Share your luck
Superstitious luck
Very lucky

Campaign Chunks Compilation

Over the last few years I have been making the campaign chunks series on my blog. Each week I would add a new location, place or event. After a few weeks they started to become inspired by real world things as reality was much better a source of the weird and wonderful. Now, the first 100 are compiled together, in alphabetical order, with a contents page for ease of reference.

Some example chunks from the 100 :
17 Unknown Soldiers – Who are the soldiers found on a WWII list?
Devrok, the castle of The Blood Lord
Great Deep Abyss – Not the deepest part of the ocean, but something weird is going on here
Inferno Noodles – The hottest noodles you will ever have!
Human Magnets – Living beings who can stick metal objects to themselves
Lost Automata of DeMerch – A clockwork item some say is cursed
Emma of Lake Jade – Is this creature related to the one in Loch Ness?
Cathsar-Sarmal Boat Race – Annual boat race between two nerby cities
Vertigo City – A large city within a city.
Cookbook for Time Travellers – A novelty and popular cookbook
Please be aware of the following before you purchase this:
If you have the original volumes, either individually or as a bundle, the information within is, baring a few minor edits, just the same as before. This is simply a change of format and a contents page has been added.

Both Available now at –

DrivethruRPG (FF54  – CCC)

Tabletop Library (FF54CCC)

Very soon available at – 

Open Gaming Store and Paizo online stores soon (store links)

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Fantastic Feats Volume 49 – Slayer & RPG Round Up

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Fantastic Feats Volume 49 – Slayer

“Took me two weeks but I finally tracked down the Red-Hand of Garn. I won’t give you the details about how he got his name; it’s not for telling this close to dinner. Suffice to say, he will no longer be bothering anyone“
Songa, Slayer for hire

Characters in RPGs often have abilities are not tied to their class, race or skill, although they may be related/useful to it. These are called Feats.

They may be combat related, a way to tweak spells or even to do with the crafting of an item. Some will be useful to almost everyone, others only in very certain circumstances.

This edition of “Fantastic Feats” – a series of feats based on a certain theme or subject – features feats for the Slayer, the combination of range and rogue which together will make it a bad day for their chosen target.

The feats you’ll find inside:
Fortified Slayer – Can re-roll Fort saves
Improved Tracking – Allows you to re-roll tracking rolls
Improved Training – Level is treated as being higher when rolling for level based effects
Master Targeting – Allows you to have more than one Target feat active at once
Slayer Reflexes – Can re-roll Reflex saves
Slayers’ Eye – You can re-roll ranged to hit rolls
Sneaky Slayer – You can re-roll damage related rolls to any sneak-based attacks
Target Knowledge – Increase damage done to target
Target Prediction – Increase chances of hitting target
Targets Methods – Gain a bonus to your AC

Product detials (maybe thumbail image as well?)

Available at Drivethru now (product link) and d20pfsrd.com and Paizo online stores soon (store links)

Don’t forget Ennead Games has a Patreon running now as well

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Fantastic Feats Sample – Stupid & Overpowered – Well-Groomed Facial Hair

Well-Groomed Facial Hair



Some races and cultures value hair on the face. Having your beard or moustache in good condition or styled well can make those who value such things like you more.


Some kind of facial hair, like a beard.


+2 to any social interactions with cultures that value facial hair.


-2 to any social interactions with cultures that do not like facial hair.


Want more feats? – Then visit our stores at DriveThruRPG, Paizo and D20PFSRD

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