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Quick Generator – Crimes & Punishments SciFi Edition and the RPG Round Up

Quick Generator – Crimes & Punishments SciFi Edition

A quick generator is two tables that can be combined to produce an interesting result. It might be a story prompt, concept or something that can be summed up in one or two sentences.

This particular Quick Generator covers Crimes and Punishments. It works a little differently compared to the others. You have a crime table and a punishment table. You can use both together or roll on the one you need.

But what would you use this Quick Generator for…?

  • You need to decide what each inmate of a prison has been charged with
  • Someone has done a crime but the punishment has yet to be decided
  • You need to have a crime to accuse someone of, such as a PC
  • Someone has been convicted of a crime and the law allows for fate to decide their punishment
  • You encounter someone who has been punished, but what were they accused of?

This features 2 d100 tables, one for crimes and another for punishment, with a few punishments duplicated to reflect the more common ones and to help fill out the table. These crimes and punishments are themed around a Scfi genre of game or story.

Your crime and punishment could end up being…

  • Hanging for…Fraud
  • Stasis for…Public Intoxication for a duration of…3d6 Days
  • Forced Immortality for…Temporal Manipulation

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Open Gaming Store and Paizo online stores soon (store links)

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US Name gen now live

This has to have been the biggest name generator, in term of possible combinations, I have ever done. Taking its data from the US census, I’ve taken all the female names found in the US, all the male and all surnames and created a generator that combines them randomly. You may get names and surname combinations that are not normally found together, but with the amount of people in the US and to reflect its well-known melting pot status, I left it like this.

Click on the link in te sample header below to be taken to generator page.

If i can continue to get census data of this quality I’ll be adding more name pages...

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Cheese dish generator now live

Think i was abit hungry when i made this one. Click on the link in the header to be taken to the page.

Cheese based dish
# Dish
#1 Aged Pelardon des Corbieres Macaroni and cheese
#2 Mature Mozzarella Rolls Queso flameado
#3 Aged Jarlsberg Frito pie
#4 Strong Halloumy Mazë
#5 Aged Lavistown Papas chorreadas
#6 Aged Grabetto Cheese puffs
#7 Briney Tyn Grug Quesillo
#8 Extra-Strong Tilsit Tiropita
#9 Strong Liptauer Queijo coalho grelhado
#10 Mature Formaggio di capra Moretum
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Malay Name Gen now live

Phew this one proved to be quite fiddly from a backend pov, but i hopefully got it done correctly.  As always, clicking on the sample header below will take you to the gen page.


Malay Names
# Female Male
#1 Merah Rahmanijibar Lumut Dhanij
#2 Gunawana Rahmansir Djakarta Gunangigar
#3 Bahara Saidij Ghan Gunawanalla
#4 Rahma Rashidigar Lumpur Singhijibar
#5 Kuba Patelapal Lumpur Dhaniman
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SciFI Material Name Generator now live

Quick and simple generator this week, with a SciFI Material Name Generator. This generator is for coming up with sci-fi or futuristic sounding materials. Clicking on the link in the header of the sample below will take you straight to the gen page. Post any interesting, amusing or other good results on twitter or other social media platforms, or in the comments section below

Sci-Fi Materials
# Material Name
#1 Cyclic Cobalt
#2 Reflective Plastic
#2 Shielded Glue
#4 Magnification Zirconium
#5 Denatured Silver
#6 Micro Iridium
#7 Regenerating Diamond
#8 Modulated Magnesium
#9 Harmonic Skin
#10 Adaptive Bronze
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