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[Generator Highlight] – CDG Goblin Descriptions

This weeks highlight covers the creature description generator for goblins. A goblin is a legendary evil or mischievous grotesque dwarf-like daemon or monster that appeared in European stories and accounts during the Middle Ages. Sometimes green, grey or various shades, they are often thought to be a smaller version of the Orc.

click on the link in the header of the sample below to be taken to the generator page.

Goblin Details
Name Name Hagsnar
Armour Type Tattered leather
Condition Falling apart
Body Ears Ragged/chewed, Both ears
Eyes Green,Normal
Hair Other style,Brown
Teeth Mangled
Skin Pale green,
Personality Personality Jovial
Position/Rank/Job Position/Rank/Job Grunt
Size & Build Size Average/Typical
Build Short limbed
Tattoos & Markings Tattoo...
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[Generator] -Mystical Drink Name Generator

Got a new(ish) generator to share with you today – The Mystical Drink Name Generator. This is a simplified version of the PDF of the same name, but a sample output can be found below. It can give you some names for a mystical and powerful drink that can enhance or hinder, not just for potions!

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[Generator Highlight] – Backgrounds & Details Full (Fantasy)

As part of my “trying to post more often” drive, it occurred to me that some of newer fans and followers may not know about my older generators. So I am working to correct this by highlighting (aiming for one a week) a different generator that have made and for which there is a free online version here.

Speaking of generators, now that the Generators and Tools page is active, the older one, simply titled Generators, will be removed from the menus system. The page will still be active, so that older link and URLS will still work, but I won’t be promoting that page anymore.

The first generator in the Highlight series is one of the biggest I have done and gives you a lot of background and details about a character in a typical fantasy genre game or story...

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[Generator] Space & Sci-Fi Encounter Concepts

New generator added today – Space & Sci-Fi Encounter Concepts. This generator is for coming up with a quick concept for a Sci-Fi or space themed encounters, such as a type of planet, anomaly, or spaceship.

Sample Output (refresh page to see another or go to the generator page HERE)

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New Generator – Dwarf Settlement Names

As promised I have a new generator up and running, based on the “Dwarf Settlement Namer” PDF.


Sample output

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