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[List] – 20 Gnome Names

With “Gnome Name Maker” out this week, it seems fitting to bring the week to a close with a list of 20 Gnome names. The first 10 have a female feel to them and the next 10 have a masculine aspect. Want more? well there’s a handy generator linked at the end as well, free to use!

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D20 Gnome Name
1 Aid Bloodrachet
2 Chika Cobblebite
3 Desh Faraxis
4 Etna Zodwink
5 Ida Tigerspin
6 Lacie Deepcraft
7 Nebal Slayerspoke
8 Nilys Shallowcaller
9 Taj Clamphub
10 Tisa Candlepuddle
11 Friedrick Threecraft
12 Gazz Cackleaxel
13 Goban Rusttock
14 Kixwell Dancertool
15 Modwood Cogspark
16 Nygel Shiftdyne
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[PDF] – Name Maker Volume 3 – Gnomes

Name Maker Volume 3 – Gnomes

The Helpful List series, also by Ennead Games, provide lists of 100 pre-generated names to help save time when creating characters. But sometimes you want more options or just need to come up with lots of various names based around a theme at once.

The Name Maker helps to fill that void. Each volume contains a themed series of first names (these can double up as middle names) for female and male characters, although there is nothing stopping you from mixing the names, plus surnames, also called family or clan names.

This volume covers names for Gnomes, translated into the common language from the original Gnomish language.

Inside this volume:

  • 2 x d100 tables with female gnomish names
  • 2 x d100 tables with male gnomish names
  • 2 x d100 tables with words that can b...
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10 Tinker Gnome Males Names

  1.  Trirattledriver
  2.  Profizzleroller Grigawu
  3.  Tickspin Lydruwu
  4.  Bunsonbot Lemmuwogna
  5.  Twistedbench Wronygo
  6.  Stoneroll Nynywo
  7.  Gearcrash Dimmadro
  8.  Zincquadspin Wrepodo
  9. Awuno Gunul Odo
  10. Octpulleyblock Renodu
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Character/NPC background suitable for a gnome

Sometimes you have the stats and you just need a bit of background to help fill out a character

This gnomish character has the following skeletal background :

Location :
Original Community Size: Dwarven-Dominated Area
(Your family lives among the dwarves.) The dwarven area was a – Large Mine
(Up to 200 dwarves work a mine of this size.)
Climate and Terrain of Area: Cold (Arctic/Subarctic)
(It’s cold all year long, although seasons are still discernable. The length of day and night changes greatly from season to season.)
(You grew up in a subterranean community far beneath the surface of the world.)

Familial Information : (These are about those that you consider family, not neccessarily blood relatives)
Economic Status: Wealthy
(Your family owns a dwelling and may own oth...

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