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Stuck for ideas for your campaign or story?

It’s a week before your new campaign or session starts and you have nothing planned.
Not because you dont have players, but this time, you have no ideas.

Well here’s an idea that may help with that.

** Random Wiki Article **

This suggestion uses Wikipedia to give you a random article.

1 – Open your web browser
2 – Save this link
3 – Click on the link
4 – Whatever article you are given, you use as the basis for an idea
5 – If you are really struggling or the article is a stub/short page, then click again.
6 – ?????
7 – Profit

The point behind this is to use the article you are given as a starting point. If could be a town, or a artist, or even a work of fiction. You dont have to use the article in full but as a idea-seed-generator...

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