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A Chunk of SciFi – 2.10 – Wild Space [Location]

A Chunk of SciFi – 2.10 – Wild Space [Location]

“Wild Space? Yeah, I’ve been there. Well, been close to it, never across the border. It’s a weird bit of the universe. Like someone took the rules of nature and decided they would be, well not guidelines, but more like suggestions…”

Wild Space is the common name given to sector EGH-37. It goes by other names; Fractal Space, Choas Zone, Satans Eye and much more. Every spacefaring culture has encountered it or decides to try and explore it. Many do not return. Within this zone, the rules of reality hare mere suggestions. Time and space are bent, looped and twisted. A probe passing through the sector in 5 seconds might record several thousand years of data and come out the other side broken and in need of repair...

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Random List – Dungeon Room/Location

Need a dungeon type room or location named? Roll a d20 and check below to see what you get!

D20 Location Name
1 The Aviary of Woe
2 The Brutal Pool
3 The Ceremonial Manse of the Sorrow
4 The Disgusting Turret of Torment
5 The Drab Pillar of the Oblivion
6 The Empty Monolith of the Fabled Ascension
7 The Farm of the Tranquillity
8 The Forgotten Temple
9 The Glistening Cathedral of Malice
10 The Green Hideout of the Light
11 The Holy Theatre of the Iron Pious
12 The Immense Palace of the Mysterious Light
13 The Normal Hideout
14 The Psychedelic Maze
15 The Purple Bridge of Damnation
16 The Stockade of Malice
17 The Temple of Screams
18 The Trap of the Abyss
19 The Vile Stairs
20 The Yellow Tunnel of the Primeval Mystery

Need mo...

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Campaign Chunk – Location – Devrok, the castle of The Blood Lord


Just a mile north of a nearby town lies Castle Devrok. It’s last owner was known only by his title Blood Lord. The castle is a lone keep, with 5 irregular walls around it, with 3 tall and thin towers. The stones have a reddish tint to it. Sadly over the years it has started to crumble and fall apart and locals refuse to go near it, for all those who have are slowly driven mad – animals and humanoid alike. Even insects are driven insane and start attacking each other and any other creature. Plant life exists, but grows slower and has the same odd red tint as the stones, increasing in intensity the closer to the castle you get.


  • Who (or what) was the Blood Lord and why did they abandon the castle?
  • The red tinted stone is rumored to be infused with dragon blood and is...
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