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Random List – 20 Chaos effects

Need some choas effects for when magic goes a bit…odd? Roll a d20 and check below to see what you get!

  1. 1d10 stones drop on the casters head. Within each stone is a gem worth 1d100x10 gold
  2. All nonliving wood within 1 mile turns to high quality steel
  3. An iron golem appears, shaped like the caster and stands in the middle of the nearest town
  4. Any potions within 50 feet turn into haluciogens and posions into healing potions
  5. At the next town the caster enters, bottles filled with dubious liquids are thrown at the caster by invisible beings
  6. Caster eyes glow bright red whenever they cause damage in combat
  7. Caster face takes on appearanace of a rat
  8. Caster finds double enterdres and smut in every conversation they have , even if it not there, for the next week
  9. Caster inherits a artifact from a long l...
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Random List – Ritual names

Need a incation or ritual name? Roll a d10 and check below to see what you get!

  1. The Sorcery of the Unreliable Star
  2. The Eternal Supplication of the Corrupt Prison
  3. The Destructive Spell of the Supreme Angel
  4. The Esoteric Communion
  5. The Ancient Spell
  6. The Rotten Diabolism
  7. The Incantation of the Warped Force
  8. The Infinite Invocation of the Demonic Star
  9. The Unstable Incantation of the Infinite Prison
  10. The Torturing Sacrement

Taken from the upcoming “Ritual Name Generator” by Ennead Games

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Need Wild Surges? Here is 10 of them!

  1. Next mirror caster passes shatters; may appear to be an omen.
  2. The caster polymorphs into mammal appropriate for the area, or a random type if inapplicable.
  3. The target takes least possible damage from attacks by the caster.
  4. The target smells strongly of garlic in the presence of vampires.
  5. The caster ‘s nervous system vanishes, but he is unharmed.
  6. The target degenerates 1 HP per round for the next 30 rounds.
  7. Next fire started in area .
  8. The enchantments of all weapons and armours within a 50 foot radius area around the caster invert their bonuses for 7 rounds. I.e. +3 becomes -3..
  9. The target ‘s cloak becomes a clock.
  10. The caster ‘s alignment seems different to each person checking it.
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4 adventure outlines/plots

Descent into the Depths of the Earth
The main characters are asked by a apothecary to track a magic spell at a tomb but have to contend with a gang while being confronted by barriers.
They are rewarded with information – location – knowledge/how to

Ghost Sword of Tegel
The main characters respond to a plea for aid from a lorekeeper and must retrieve a weapon at a castle but have to contend with a friend while being confronted by a mystery.
They are rewarded with prestige

Basilisk Mazes of Tsojcanth
The main characters are hired by a messenger to oppose a magic item in the desert but have to contend with a humanoid while being confronted by a war.
They are rewarded with prestige

Hidden Stockade of Odin
The main characters respond to a plea for aid from a servant and must protect a warlord i...

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10 magic weapon names

The Decadent Dagger of Preservation

The Light hammer of the Moon

The Cursed Light mace of Destruction

The Long sword of the Night

The Fouled Short sword of Law

The Holy Throwing axe of Loki the Smiling

The Dagger of Defiling

The Holy Kama of Me Shaung the Hero

The Club of Destruction

The Light flail of Revenge

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