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Year and Monthly events

Yearly Event: Ambassador is sent to another land (Nuwmont 3rd)

Ambassador remains 23 months. His arrival is always a major event for those at the court (ceremonies, banquets).

The ambassador comes from the Kingdom of Thothia (IOD).

Mission of the ambassador: To arrange a marriage.

Monthly Events

1- Haunting: It is rumored that some site in the region has recently been the center of strange supernatural events – often the site of a great battle, murder or accident. The DM decides if it is real or not. Hauntings may be simple affairs, or quite elaborate, with the spirit returning to complete some arduous task left unfulfilled or to right some wrong.
The haunting happens in the west of the country.

2- New trade route: Some other country or province wants the goods of the area, opening a new m...

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