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[Generator] – Squad Names and other stuff

There’s a new generator gone live over HERE. It’s about squad names and is suitable for military squadron nicknames, or gangs that want to have to sort of name.

As for the other stuff, well, I think it’ pretty obvious the blog is not the same as it was and despite my best efforts, due to RL concerns and so on I can’t keep up with things AND do the other things I want. Now don’t panic, the blog and site will not be going anywhere (barring technical or financial issues etc). But the post will for now, be semi-irregular. There will still be the Friday list, but I think having generators/list tools be the main focus is best for now.

In a way, this is a good thing, as I am busy doing stuff during the day and don’t have time for more blog items...

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[List] – 20 Coporation Names

This weeks list (taken from this generator HERE) covers the names a modern or futuristic corporation may have. It may not reflect how they started, but almost everyone would know the name and what they currently do.

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D20 Corporation Name
1 Platinum Equipment
2 Beta Limited
3 Prime Data
4 Power Housing
5 Progressive Unlimited
6 United Games
7 Pioneer Global
8 Diamond Apparel
9 Silver Insurance
10 Russian Games
11 Open Microsystems
12 Intergalactic Catering
13 Omega Syndicate
14 Aeon Solutions
15 Phoenix Unlimited
16 Trans-World Defence
17 General Enterprises
18 Associated Broadcasting
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[List] – 20 Gnome Names

With “Gnome Name Maker” out this week, it seems fitting to bring the week to a close with a list of 20 Gnome names. The first 10 have a female feel to them and the next 10 have a masculine aspect. Want more? well there’s a handy generator linked at the end as well, free to use!

Disagree with this list? Think something else should have gone on it? Post in the comments section or on the social media platform you saw this article.

D20 Gnome Name
1 Aid Bloodrachet
2 Chika Cobblebite
3 Desh Faraxis
4 Etna Zodwink
5 Ida Tigerspin
6 Lacie Deepcraft
7 Nebal Slayerspoke
8 Nilys Shallowcaller
9 Taj Clamphub
10 Tisa Candlepuddle
11 Friedrick Threecraft
12 Gazz Cackleaxel
13 Goban Rusttock
14 Kixwell Dancertool
15 Modwood Cogspark
16 Nygel Shiftdyne
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[Generator Highlight] – Artefact Names

Got a new generator for you today, using a new format/system. Artefact Names.     It creates one-word, two syllable names.

Some sample output :






Now what is different about this one is that it uses the perchance system. This makes it VERY flexible and easy to use and can do some frankly amazing things. So far, the only downside I can see, is that as it uses an embedded system if there is a disruption their end (for whatever reason) the generator will not work. But the things it can do is frankly amazing. It’s going to take me a while to learn all the in and outs of it but I am looking forward to using this a lot...

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[PDF] – Quick Generator – Artefact Names

Quick Generator – Artefact Name

Artefacts are often considered items of great power, forged when the world was new by deities or mortals with access to power or knowledge that has been lost to time. Their creator may have given them a name or they have acquired one over the years, one that often reflects their powers, purpose or a secret.

The artefact generator presented here gives you a two-word name for your artefact, such as “Dreambreak” or “Titanscorch”. What their powers and abilities are is up to you.

Sample output (from a possible 10,000 combinations)

  • Dawnsnarl
  • Elf-shatter
  • World-Breaker
  • Wintertrap

Available now at –


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