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Campaign Chunk – Lines of Falcona

Lines of Falcona

In the high arid Falcona tundra, there lies a series of lines carved into the hardened earth. Much like the series of carved lines found in other regions, the Falcona lines are best viewed from a higher elevation. Covering an area approximately 10 miles across the line-carvings criss-cross each other and range from “small” ones that are 500 meters across to the largest one, which gives the area is name, of a giant stylised falcon with its wings spread wide. It has a wing-span of almost 2 miles from wing tip to wing tip. This was only discovered to even exist once a flight was taken over the area. The quality of the carvings range from simple, almost stick like humans, to the insanely detailed larger falcon and what is believed to be some kind of elephant or mammoth.

There ...

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