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400 Twitter Give away details and mini-sale

No new pdf or Rpg round up this week, trying to catch up on some much-needed work. But, I do have two things that might tickle your interest…

400 Twitter Follower Giveaway

Once Ennead Games hits or is getting 400 followers on twitter, I’m going to be running a giveaway for your choice of ANY three(3) non-bundle items on Drivethru.

The rules are simple:

  1. You must be a follower
  2. Make a post with the hashtag #EGTGA400
  3. One entry per user – unless you are using rule 4
  4. Optional – Something amusing alongside it, such as a gif or joke, keep it safe for work thanks!
  5. Optional – RT about the giveaway

You can post/RT beforehand if you want. By Monday, the 29th of May 9 AM London time, the time for entries will close and a random entry will be chosen...

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Upcoming new feature – Resource Tuesday

As I have mentioned a few times, here and on twitter, I’ve run out of all the planned generators I had notes and deatails for.  Now there is no need to panic. This doesnt mean I’m going to stop doing generators on the site, far from it, just that till will not be every week like before. Now the question has come up, what to put in the gap whilst i hunt for new material to make into generators.

Then the other day it hit me – generators are not just the only resource people need.

So, the plan is, starting next week, on any weeks I can get a generator out, I’ll be putting up other resources for people to use.

These could be, but not limited to…

  • Map Tiles
  • Maps
  • Programs and tools
  • Printouts/player handouts
  • Other sites, such as blogs

I’ll be putting up a new page for just these links and mater...

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News – Blog/Site Changes

Warning: Long non-ranty Blog post incoming
TL: DR – Some changes coming to EG after I take a much-needed break.

The last 2 or so years for me has been a major struggle, both financially, physically and emotional. With a couple of deaths of close family members close to each other, my own personal health fluctuating and other issues, it has been a long period of stress, which is now catching up with me.
This is why there is no new releases or RPG roundup this week. After posting this post, I’ll only be posting “re-runs/best/favorites” posts until next Monday.

When I return on the 30th of January, I’ll be starting off some new changes for Ennead Games that will help me in the long term. It mostly concerns the website, but also concerns behind the scenes work as well.

Will stay the sa...

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No gen this week and some other news

No new generator going live this week. I got a lot of work to catch up with, including finishing off the sci-fi version of the adventure outline maker and the latest in the Spell Options series. Plus am planning what will be going on in the new year, once the current Campaign Chunks and RIGS volumes are done. Things should be back to “normal” in the new year.

In other news, Open Gaming Store has a 30% off almost everything sale going on, and that includes Ennead Games

Lastly, in case you haven’t notice, I have updated the rewards at Patreon. Now, starting at only a $ you can get a free PDF most , if not every month, and I can help you with your game and story preparation.

Hope you all have a great holiday season and new year.


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Concerns about the future of Ennead Games

Warning : Semi-rant incoming

Recently, this week in fact, DrivethruRPG/OneBook shelf changed their sorting algorithm that sorts the order of titles shown in the Hottest Titles strips.

Before it was based on units sold/number of days on sale. Now it has been changed to sales$/days on sale.

This change, according to them was made because some publishers complained about their higher investment $10 or $15 etc PDF titles getting crowded out by PWYW titles.

You may be wondering why I am posting this? Well to be perfectly honest, it affects EG and other small publishers a LOT. Many of us sell cheaper, smaller items in the sub $2 price bracket. This results in higher units per day...

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