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[Generator] – Squad Names and other stuff

There’s a new generator gone live over HERE. It’s about squad names and is suitable for military squadron nicknames, or gangs that want to have to sort of name.

As for the other stuff, well, I think it’ pretty obvious the blog is not the same as it was and despite my best efforts, due to RL concerns and so on I can’t keep up with things AND do the other things I want. Now don’t panic, the blog and site will not be going anywhere (barring technical or financial issues etc). But the post will for now, be semi-irregular. There will still be the Friday list, but I think having generators/list tools be the main focus is best for now.

In a way, this is a good thing, as I am busy doing stuff during the day and don’t have time for more blog items...

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Back to the grindstone :)

Welcome into 2019, hope your new year was a good one. Will be streaming again tonight with “Just Cause 4”, assuming i can set things up correctly (at in case you didn’t know at 6pm GMT).

In other news have found something interesting in random generator making – Perchance ( ). It seems a much easier system for creating tables and using them compared to Java script etc, however it does have one possibly major flaw in that if the site goes down, the gen will stop working – Will admit I may have read the details wrong, but if there is a way around that, such as local hosting, then this may have to be the way new gens will be made going forward...

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Last post of the year

As this is the last day of 2018 (and for some, by the time you read this it might be 2019 – in which case hello the future!) Just thought I’d say thanks for putting up with me and my shenanigans throughout the year. “Normal” service will resume around the 2nd January when I start posting properly/streaming again, with the newest episode of STA: Damocles on the 5th as well. I hope your year is a good one and may the dice roll ever in your favour!

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Back Online

Phew that was a fun couple of days. There was a technical error when the back end server stuff was being updated and for some weird reason, my site was affected. Still Its sorted now and thing are back to normal, hopefully 🙂

In the meantime, to let people know, have been taking a break with streaming until the new year as my mental health has taken a bad turn and I simply don’t have the mental energy to do it. When I do return in the new year,  it will be the 1 year Anniversary of Star Trek Adventures: Damocles, which is nice.


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Streaming Update and Jingle Jam 2018

For those who don’t know, I do run a small regular stream on Twitch. I stream most days covering, well, essentially games I like playing. I try not to be a “the latest fad” gamer unless its one of those games I have been really wanting to play and managed to get a copy. I also run a bi-weekly game of “Star Trek Adventures” from Modiphious, which is heavily home ruled – but that’s not a fault with the game, just for my benefit.

Anyway onto the point of this post. Next month a group you may have heard of called The Yogcast are running their annual Jingle Jam – A month-long charity drive partnered with Humble Bundle in which they offer up a collection of games and so on for various charities. Last year alone, they managed to raise $5.2 million dollars!

So, for December I want to try and “do...

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