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No new generator this week

No new generator this week. I am trying to work on a new layout for the main generator page that makes it not only easier to find what is wanted, but also makes it easier and less cumbersome for me to add in new ones and not spend ages re-arranging everything. This has to take into account things like mobile devices and tablets, as well as various browsers and more. It’s proving more frustrating and fiddly than i first hope, but I will keep the current format up for now and only change over once/If i am satisfied with what I am working on.


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RIGS news

No RIGS this week as i am editing and expanding the current volume. Something I am seriously thinking about doing is expanding the RIGS system. Before it was just limited to items, but, if I cheat a little and allow items to be more like “items”, then it allows me to add in things like adventure outlines, NPCs, locations and more. The I/Item in RIGS (Random Item Generation System) would then mean anything that could be used in your games and stories.  One extra advantage to this change would be that it would vastly increase the potential options of the system, allow me to showcase products like the adventure Outline Maker and what it can output.

Every 10 weeks a new volume would be put out...

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No chunks this week

As it was part in the last volume of the Campaign Chunks series, I’m now starting to edit/tweak the volume into one seting, that should, in theroy,be out next week or the week after.

As of yet, have not decided 100% what the subject matter will be, but the #1 candidate is gonaa to be flora (plants, fungi etc). If you have any suggestions or would like to see a particualr subject covere, then write about it the comments or on twitter, facebook etc


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No new generator today

Sorry to say no new generator this week. Got a mega headache/borderline migraine and it makes trying to concentrate on the steps needed for a generator downright impossible. But I do have some, semi-good news. Next week there will hopefully be a 25% off anniversary sale on DrivethruRPG, Open Gaming Store, and Tabletop Library, maybe even the Paizo store if i can get it sorted in time.



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Fantastic Feats Volume 53 – Stat Manipulation and RPG Round Up

There seems to be an issue with Drivethru/OneBookshelf at the moment, either with them, or something my end that is preventing me from uploading to there. As such todays release will be delayed on there. But it is available at Tabletop Library right now, so go check it out there as i wait for the issue to resolved.

Fantastic Feats Volume 53 – Stat Manipulation

Feats are a stable part of any character or NPC build. They give you ways to alter your powers and abilities, or to twist them in new and interesting ways.

These feats give you a way to manipulate the bonuses your stats give you. But, as with many things, they come with a penalty, as you can only push the body and mind so far…

Common rules for the use of these feats
7 new base feats that can be customised and tweaked each time you take one. You can expand the effect it has, reduces the penalty it gives you or even increase the number of times it can be used per day
Each base feat has its own version tied to a different stat – For example,if you have “Astounding Strength” you don’t get the benefit of “Astounding Dexterity”. One feat has 30 possible variations to choose from.

The base feats you’ll find inside –
(X) & (Y) are replaced with the names of the stats being manipulated by the feat.
Astounding (X) – Re-roll any dice roll related to this stat
Bonus Swap (X) (Y) – Swap the bonus you get from one stat with another
Incredible (X) – Add a second bonus to the one gained from this stat
Infused (X) – Sacrifice a spell to give a stat a boost
Opposing (X) – Use your stat bonus to reduce or negate another beings bonus
Strain (X) – Strain your body and mind for greater effects, but at a price
Transfer Bonus (x) – Use your bonus to aid another

Available now at –

Tabletop Library

Drive-thru availability will be as soon as the issue is sorted

Very soon available at – and Paizo online stores soon (store links)

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