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Resource – Archives of Nethys

If you want a handy online resource that only deals with official material for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, such as for tournaments or similar “official” games, then the Archives of Nethys is for you. A free to use resource, it tells you the location in what book you can find the item you are looking for.

Regularly updated, AoN is broken down into various sections:

  • Deities
  • Equipment
  • Feats
  • Magic Items
  • Mythic
  • NPCs
  • Prestige Classes
  • Races
  • Spells
  • Technology
  • Traits

There are a few other sections that cover licences, projects and ways to help the site maintain itself etc.

People might think, that with something like this, why should I purchase the books or PDFs? Well for a start there is no real artwork to speak off and the art in these books can range from good, to astoundingly amazing...

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Fantastic Feats Volume 46 – Investigator & RPG Round Up

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FF 46 cover thumbFantastic Feats  Volume 46 – Investigator

“So you want to interview me about being an Imperial Investigator? Why? Stories for the bards and lore-tellers? I suppose you can tag along, just don’t get in my way and if I say move, you move. Understand?”
T’riss Malar, Imperial Investigator

This edition of “Fantastic Feats” – a series of feats based around a certain theme or subject – features feats for the investigator.

The Investigator is a combination of alchemist and rogue. They have a curiosity about the world around them and can use their knowledge as a weapon. They can be cunning advisors or explorers of mysteries. Having an investigator on your side is preferable to having one on your tail.

The feats you’ll find inside this volume:

Experienced Mentor – Level based effects are treated as if you are one level higher.
Improved Recollection – You gain a bonus to all knowledge checks.
Improved Resistance – You can re-roll FORT of poison checks, once a day.
Improved Strike – Studying a target now grants an increased chance to hit.
Keen Eye – Your great eyesight makes perception checks and disarming easier.
Poison Knowledge – You gain a bonus to DC rolls related to crafting or neutralising poisons.
Talented – You can re-roll any dice roll related to Investigator talents.

Available at Drivethru now (product link) and and Paizo online stores soon (store links)

Don’t forget Ennead Games has a Patreon running now as well

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Product Highlight – Fantastic Feats Volume 30 : Arcane Trickster

On monday the 1st of December, the 30th volume of the Fantastic Feats series was released – “Fantastic Feats Volume 30 – Arcane Trickster“. This featured feats for the Arcane Trickster, a prestige class for The Pathfinder Roleplaying Game and can be found in the Pathfinder® Roleplaying Game Core Rulebook™ (PZO1110).

One feature that was semi-introduced in volume 29, was that of “Spell Sacrifice”. Some of the feats grant a variable bonus that depends on a spell be used up, or sacrificed, to power the feat. A random spell is used for the level chosen to provide a bonus equal to roughly spell level/3, so a 3rd level spell sacrificed would grant the feat a +1 bonus, but the sacrifice of a 9th level spell would grant a +3 bonus...

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