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Random List – 20 Planet Aspects

Need an idea for the main aspect or type of planet your star crew has encountered? Well we got you covered with the list of 20 of them.

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D20 Aspect
1 Advanced tech – A colony has sprung up around advanced technology that is not fully understood by the inhabitants
2 EMP Field – Technology above clockwork doesn’t work here
3 Feudal World – This world either is currently at a feudal level or has regressed from more advanced tech levels
4 Fungus World – The planet is covered in giant fungi
5 Graveworld – Another nearby planet uses this world as a place to put their dead
6 Haunted by Holograms or Illusions
7 Hollow Worl...
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Random List – 20 Planet Names

This weeks list give you 20 names for planets. These could also be used as the name for the start system they inhabit by simply dropping the suffix.

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D20 Planet
1 Abadicon XIII
2 Aeritris
3 Alsametroid Prime
4 Biomano Chi
5 Canamax Tertium
6 Canilento D
7 Crysthasize L
8 Dotronium Xi
9 Hippogynous Twenty
10 Kanganum Danomik
11 Kosmikocide Minor
12 Melomortal VII
13 Mutafic E
14 Myrmiling B
15 Nymphoterrestrial XII
16 Panapathic Psi
17 Teerobot E
18 Transdello D
19 Ubwsexual III
20 Viritropico II
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Resource – PlanetMaker

Been a while since I done one of these, but found this nifty site called PlanetMaker. To quote the site : “PlanetMaker allows you to create and tweak your own planet using image textures, lighting, and more importantly, your imagination.”

What this means is that, by going through the various sliders, options and other features, you can produce a detailed map of various planets and tweak them, such as…

  • Earth, but from a particular angle, such as facing the south pole
  • Mars – but with water and grasslands, a “living” Mars

You can, when generating your image …

  • The local star (in our case, Sol)
  • Add a ring system, like Saturns
  • Change/add an atmosphere
  • Variable backgrounds, like stars or another image
  • Various visual effects like, blur, bloom and more

Note – I suspect this site may only work i...

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Star System and Planet Name generator now live

A new generator has gone live today and it’s the Star System and Planet Name generator.  This generator uses information originally found in “Star and Planet Name Maker” and can be purchased here at DrivethruRPG and Open Gaming Store. 

This one has enough differences to the original planet name generator that I felt a new version would work alongside it, rather than replacing it.

Clicking on the link in the table below will take you directly to the generator page.

Star & Planet Names
Star Names Planet Names
#1 Driptot Cogninium Prime
#2 Nephatech Sopuram Zeta
#3 Penapilla Stanzagles Sigma
#4 Audiomannic Yonoid Nu
#5 Kangallix Plutodriver Rho
#6 Anonamode Nupriminadron 3
#7 Meditard Kilonico U
#8 Xanthemoog Brutever Two
#9 Combidonix Abegod P
#10 Hicast Abelio...
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Star and Planet Name Maker & the RPG Round Up

Star and Planet Name Maker

It has been said by some that the universe contains a billion galaxies. Each galaxy is meant to house a billion stars. That is close to a billion, billion stars, many of them with planets of some kind.

Most celestial catalogs use a hard to remember designation system like PX9-32 etc. A name is easier to remember and this will help you to create some names for your planets and stars.


  • 2 x d1000 tables a prefix and suffix, divided up into 20 handy d100 sub-tables for the Star/Planet name
  • 1 x d100 designators to tell you what position in the system the planet belongs, such as Alpha, IV, Six and a few more
  • 1 x d100 table of pre-made examples, ready for you to use, such as…
    • Astrozevo Prime
    • Fephedro VIII
    • Solarformica IX

100,000,000 possible combinations can be generated, some more suitable to your needs than others – The ones that seem weird and odd to us would be perfect for the translation from an alien language or miscommunications.

Available right now at DrivethruRPG

Very soon available at – 

Open Gaming Store and Paizo online stores soon (store links)

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