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Product Preview – Assorted Slang and Terminology Volume 1

One of the newer pdf I am working on at the moment is a slight departure from the generator and a kind-of return to the Helpful List series. The working title is”Assorted Slang and Terms”. In essence, it’s a list of terms you can use in your games and stores to help flesh out your descriptions and make them feel more real and authentic.

Although each will have their own modified version of the format – the baseline for slang will be a list of English terms – followed by the “translated” version. One option I am looking into doing will be the reverse of that, the slang term followed by the English translation.

Some of the volumes will have a simple entry, such as the terminology followed by an explanation as to what it means – This will be more like a Glossary.

I am aiming to get one of the...

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Sneak Preview – Spell Options 8 – Universal Options

Today, going to give a sneak preview of an upcoming pdf called “Spell Options 8 – Universal Options”

The Spell Options series is a set of pdfs that take existing spells and gives you ways of tweaking them, giving them a unique spin, such as larger effect, change of colouration, and more. Each option has an associated SL, or Spell level, cost. Improve one aspect will mean you treat the spell as one or two or more levels higher. This can be offset by taking penalties, which reduce the SL back to its original level, or even below, but not bellow level 1 or above level 9. There are other rules and guidelines that go along with this system, but that’s the basics of it.

For the most part, each volume is tailored to one spell, such as a curse, or the famous Fireball...

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Preview – Lifeform Maker example possible output

The first week of November will be the launch of “Lifeform Maker” – An updated version of the Lifeform maker from the old Multiverse Kit.  Very soon i’ll be getting round to at least starting on a project I have been putting off for a while – Not sure when it will be out, but it will be worth it – It’s going to be the Sci-Fi version of the Backgrounds and Details kit 2.  I’ll be using the output from some of these in my upcoming Star Trek Adventures game(s), so makes sense to be talking about them here.

In the meantime, here is a preview of the possible output from “Lifeform Maker” – This is a straight excerpt taken from the PDF and shows two possible outcomes – one made using the Quick system and another using the Detailed System.

Quick Output

After a roll on the first table in the Ba...

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Campaign Chunk – Upcoming Chunks

With the next volume of Campaign Chunks out soon,this is the perfect opportunity to showcase the next 10 that are planned for volume 7.

As with anything, these are subject to change and alteration (such as the titles), but this is what I have got in my notes folder.

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Fantastic Feats Volume 39 Gunslinger Preview – Gritty Aim

To fill in the gap on this Tuesday, here’s a preview of something from an upcoming product , namely from the Fantastic Feats series, volume 39 which will be about the Gunslinger prestige class.

Gritty Aim

“Looking down the barrel, taking aim at your target, then pulling the trigger…there is no feeling like it in the world”

Gravel  Longshot,

Interview with a Gunslinger


1st level


As long as the Gunslinger has 1 grit point, anything they are shooting at that requires an AC check is treated as having a AC penalty of -2 applied to it.

This covers normal shooting and anything else that requires the Gunslinger to beat an AC number, such as Scoot Unattended Object.


Can be taken multiple times, increasing the minimum level requirements by +3 each time.


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