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Simple Prophecy Generator now live

This week generator comes from regular contributor Phil, of Tales of a GM. I saw his latest blog post and thought his idea for a simple prophecy generator was a good one and he kindly let me make it into an online version. Check out the blog post that inspired it here, as it covers it in more detail and shows and it can be used and expanded.

Click on the header in the sample output below to be taken to the generator page.

#1 When the First Fear Command, then the Golden Child will Die.
#2 When the Hidden God Die, then the Last Queen will Die.
#3 When the Cloudy Mountain Die, then the Cloudy Harvest will Sing.
#4 When the Blue City Crumble, then the Stone Fear will Burn.
#5 When the Stone God Fall, then the Stone Kingdom will Arise.

If you have ran...

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Campaign Chunk – Lost Book of prophecy

Nostradamus at work

Nostradamus at work (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Campaign Chunk – Lost Book of prophecy

Throughout the years there have been many so-called “True” books of prophecy. The vast majority of them are complete rubbish, written after the events that there were ment to foretell occurred. However a few have proven to be, whilst not accurate, almost uncanny in their predictions.

The LBP is named after the compiler and primary author, Janet Lost. This confusion between the name of the book , which is simply and correctly called “Book of Prophecy”, has resulted in many a historian becoming confused over the nature of the book and getting rather excited when they discover a reference to a “Lost” book.

The book itself is rather unremarkable in appearance and resembles a medium-sized encyclopedia in dimens...

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