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R.I.G.S Results 2.5 – Ladder of Embarrassment


ladder (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Ladder of Embarrassment

“Wish I never bought the damn thing from that wizard. I there is a chance that me falling off it will result in something embarrassing happening, oh boy you can bet it will happen. Last time it happened was when I was working on a pig farm. Yes, I did fall into the muck and it took ages to get the stink out. If it wasn’t otherwise the best ladder I have ever had I would have burnt it a long time ago.”

Ladder of Embarrassment
Power Level: Minor (1)
Activation: Appropriate Action/Random
Approximate Age: Decades – 60 years
Condition: Very good (7)

The Ladder of Embarrassment, is, surprisingly, a ladder. It classified as an extension ladder...

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R.I.G.S. 2.3 – Spear of the Runesmith

Hunting spear and knife, from Mesa Verde Natio...

Hunting spear and knife, from Mesa Verde National Park (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Spear of the Runesmith

“He stood before the Fallen One, armed only with his spear, his armour torn asunder. The creature bellowed a foul scream across the bloody battlefield and charged towards him. I saw the spear leave his hand. The beast dodged and the spear missed, flying past its head. It then mocked him for missing. He then smiled as the spear returned and hit the target from behind, piercing the beast skull and causing it to finally die.”

Spear of the Runesmith
Power Level: Artefact (10)
Activation: Will
Approximate Age: Generations – 200 years
Condition: Poor (3)

The Spear of the Runesmith is a potent artifact possessed by a sect of dwarven warrior-priests...

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R.I.G.S. 2.2 Flag of Influence

Flag of Influence

“I’ll admit. I went to that meeting fully ready to deny their request. But then they flew that damm flag of theirs. You know the one, they consider it a holy item, something to be revered. And for a while…so did I…”

Flag of Influence
Power Level: Greater (8)
Activation: Will
Approximate Age: Many – 39 years
Condition: Poor (3)

The Flag of Influence is potent item that can modify the opinions and views of those who view it to match the one who activated it. It creates in the viewer a sense of pride and admiration, subtlly changing their views on life and various subject matters until they are the same as the activator.

Using the FoI is simple. It must be unfurled in the presence of those that need to be affected. Simply walking in and seeing the Flag aloft does not work...

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R.I.G.S. 2.1 Miniature Calendar of Items

English: A calendar like a clock

English: A calendar like a clock (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Miniature Calendar of Items

“I love this calendar. Every day it provides a handy simple item. Just yesterday i got a shovel, the other day I received a handy hat. On my birthday it gave me a cake, it’s awesome. Such a shame the items only last for that day. “

Miniature Calendar of items
Power Level : Empty (0)
Activation : Appropriate Action
Approximate Age : Decades – 90 years
Condition : Average (5)

The Miniature Calendar of Items is, to put it simply, a handy way to have mundane or non-enchanted items on your person and useable for the day.

The Miniature Calendar of Items(MCI), is a small pocket-sized item that resembles a notebook...

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R.I.G.S. #10 – Libram of Shadow

Libram of Shadow

“The pages…they seem to draw in the light around me. I can see into them..By the gods…its beautiful”

Libram of Shadow
Power Level: Major (4)
Activation: Appropriate Action
Approximate Age: Several – 8 years
Condition: Average (5)

The Libram of Shadow (LoS) is a powerful book that allows the user to control the shadows around them. It is around 12 inches long, 8 wide and is approximately 3 inches deep. This includes the heavy-set cover which is a grey colouration. There is no marking to indicate the nature of the book or the contents. Most who see it assume it to be a big notebook or diary of some kind. It first surfaced about 8 years ago in the court of Luxium...

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