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Random List – 20 Punishments

When someone has committed a crime, or even just been accused of one in some locations, they are punished. Most justice systems try to make the punishments be appropriate to the level of crime. Some empires though have a system that is considered harsh, to scare off other from even thinking about commiting a crime.

The punishments on this list, along with the Crime list from last week, are a preview of an upcoming generator pdf, called, imaginatively “Crime and Punishment” and will be part of the Empire Builder range. There will be 100 crimes listed, along with 100 punishments, some much more severe than others.

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D20 Punishments
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Random List – 20 types of Crime

Crime can be rampant in many worlds and games. It can serve as a plot point when someone is accused of a crime , or they are caught in the act of doing said crime. Some are relatively directly harmless, such as stealing a loaf of bread to survive. Others can wreck multiple lives. Some say there are as many crimes as there are people. The list below has 20 , randomly selected, that be used when determining a character’s backstory or deciding what they are being accused of.

Next week, part 2 in this mini-series : 20 random Punishments

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D20 Crime
1 Abuse
2 Assault
3 Blackmail
4 Bribery
5 Cattle Rustling
6 Child Abuse
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Random List – 20 Hoaxes

To quote wikipedia – “A hoax is a deliberately fabricated falsehood made to masquerade as truth. It is distinguishable from errors in observation or judgment, or rumors, urban legends, pseudosciences or April Fools’ Day events that are passed along in good faith by believers or as jokes.”. A hoax can be a fun way to pass time or even used as a method  psychological manipulation, designed to make your enemies think one thing whilst you prepare another. This can be useful when your opponent has a much greater power than you but doesn’t know it. Also, trickster gods can use them to mess with the minds of mortals for their own amusement.

The ones listed below are all “real” hoaxes that have occurred and can be used as the basis of hoaxes and rumours and your games and stories.

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Random List – Halfling Names

This week you get two random lists for the price of one, both are based on results that can be made from “Name Make 1 – Halflings“. The first list is female names and the second is male. For each list, all you need to do is roll a d20 and see what name you get.

Female Halfling Names
D20 Name
1 Amber Sackleaf
2 Autumn Heatherheart
3 Belladonna Willowclock
4 Bertha Hillylash
5 Cassandra Pickstream
6 Chrodtrude Marshbone
7 Chunsina Coollake
8 Emily Neergrove
9 Grimalda Buncehill
10 Menegilda Potearth
11 Mirabella Butterearth
12 Monica Spinnerthorn
13 Rigunth Brushhouse
14 Rigunth Buncecutter
15 Rosa Brownbottle
16 Rosa Finegrain
17 Sabrina Feathertoe
18 Swanahilde Brandycutter
19 Swanahilde Cottonpond
20 Tabitha Heatherbeam
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Random List – 20 Goblin Names

This week list has been taken from the Goblin Name Generator.  These name are gender-neutral so can be used for any goblin or even orc like character

D20 Gobbo Name
1 Arabolg Grakgros
2 Bixear
3 Brigran
4 Brundrax
5 Ernkill
6 Frigtod
7 Iakernk Yazlike
8 Kagpug
9 Nazzog Huktag
10 Nitmud Biangcaz
11 Nizfang
12 Okfrowl Slipfrowl
13 Ranpuke Hajtark
14 Scranjug
15 Slipion Dhakgahhh
16 Slurtpan Nizthy
17 Totfrow Blodwaag
18 Tussvong
19 Zigtot Dregskag
20 Zugwert Eareek


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