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Random List – 20 Goblin Names

This week list has been taken from the Goblin Name Generator.  These name are gender-neutral so can be used for any goblin or even orc like character

D20 Gobbo Name
1 Arabolg Grakgros
2 Bixear
3 Brigran
4 Brundrax
5 Ernkill
6 Frigtod
7 Iakernk Yazlike
8 Kagpug
9 Nazzog Huktag
10 Nitmud Biangcaz
11 Nizfang
12 Okfrowl Slipfrowl
13 Ranpuke Hajtark
14 Scranjug
15 Slipion Dhakgahhh
16 Slurtpan Nizthy
17 Totfrow Blodwaag
18 Tussvong
19 Zigtot Dregskag
20 Zugwert Eareek


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Random List – 20 Angel names and their functions

Rosa Celeste: Dante and Beatrice gaze upon the...

Rosa Celeste: Dante and Beatrice gaze upon the highest Heaven, The Empyrean (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This weeks lists covers Angels and their functions. On the list below, you will find 20 names with the function or task the angel was assigned to or known for in ( ).

Simply roll a d20 and see what member of the heavenly host you have encountered.

D20 Angel (Function)
1 Abdiel (Faith)
2 Adnachiel (Independence)
3 Anahita (Fertility)
4 Ariel (Nature)
5 Barakiel (Good Fortune)
6 Charoum (Silence)
7 Dina (Learning)
8 Gavreel (Peace)
9 Israfel (Song)
10 Israfil (Judgment Day)
11 Kakabel (Moon)
12 Lailah (Conception)
13 Maion (Self Discipline)
14 Melchisedek (Peace)
15 Micah (Divine Plan)
16 Mihael (Loyalty)
17 Mumiah (Longevity)
18 Murie...
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Random List – 40 Book titles

Books in the Douglasville, Georgia Borders store.

Books in the Douglasville, Georgia Borders store. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Yes, you read that right (not sorry for the pun), this week the random list has 40 entries. Going to try and keep it that way, but don’t want to promise 40 each week and then not be able to get it done.

How to roll d40? Roll another dice along with your d20, such as a d6. If the d6 is odd, add 20 to the result.

D40 Book title
1 Alchemy Lore
2 Ancient Verses
3 Bestiary of the Panther
4 Book of Fishing
5 Bull Traditions
6 Childlike Traditions About Alchemy
7 Common-Draconic Dictionary
8 Dictionary of Aquan Letters
9 Dietary Habits of the Heron
10 Dietary Habits of the Horse
11 Erotic Verses
12 False Rites of the Death Deity
13 Forgotten Divination Mysteries
14 Forgotten Ri...
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Random List – 20 containers

A container is  a device creating a partially or fully enclosed space that can be used to contain, store, and transport objects or materials. What is within can often be determined by the style of container, but this is not always the case (pun intended)

Roll a d20 and check below to see what you get!

D20 Container
1 Basin
2 Beaker
3 Box
4 Bud Vase
5 Carafe
6 Cask
7 Casket
8 Coffin
9 Crock
10 Decanter
11 Jar
12 Pack
13 Package
14 Pet Carrier
15 Pot
16 Sarcophagus
17 Snuffbox
18 Strongbox
19 Urn
20 Vase


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Random List – Ancient Egyptian Names

As you probably know or have guessed, I am a big fan of Ancient Egypt. The people who lived there have different names to the ones who inhabit the area now. Some of their possible names are listed below, a mixture of both male and female names.

D20 Name
1 Abdet
2 Amantep
3 Enhe
4 Genbet
5 Henar
6 Henhirhor
7 Hentit
8 Hepkheftari
9 Heptra
10 Heqnen-Pakebi
11 Khusatra
12 Nebimen
13 Nubnemkeesheri
14 Pasut
15 Sebtit
16 Setnematen
17 Shemepes
18 Tabtra
19 Tefhethirrenut
20 Tetpet


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