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Random List – Cornish Names

This week you get two tables, both themed around Cornish names – one for female and one for male names. Just roll a d20 to see what name you get.

D20 Female Names
1 Berlewen Lanryn
2 Hedra Bosstan
3 Gloiucen Bodwannick
4 Lowenna Bosstan
5 Gwenep Godlyn
6 Metheven Lostroc
7 Sowenna pen Heldennis
8 Talwyn Godolphin
9 Dellen pen Trustan
10 Morenwyn Lanmorna
11 Newlyna Trezance
12 Yselka Bosstan
13 Anauprost Helyon
14 Yselka pen Trustan
15 Bennath pen Lannen
16 Pasca Trenolphin
17 Gurlowen pen Helyor
18 Yselka Morryn
19 Nonna Penyor
20 Gloiumed Helmorna
D20 Male Names
1 Halbiu Bosgarth
2 Glewas Lanolphin
3 Tudy Helolphin
4 Sulmed Helmorna
5 Branok Truporth
6 Hedrec Lanstan
7 Ythnow Trustan
8 Gurcant B...
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Random List – 20 starship weapons

Need a weapon for your starship? Roll a d20 and check below to see what you get!

[table caption=”Title” width=”500″ colwidth=”20|100|50″ colalign=”left|left|center|left|right”]

D20,starship weapon
1 , Capital-Class Delaying Nuclear Nullifier
2 , Capital-Class Standard Spatial Torpedo
3 , Mark I Piercing Maser Rocket
4 , Mark II Assault Particle Charge
5 , Mark II Custom Laser Digitizer
6 , Mark II Twin-Linked Nova Shard
7 , Mark III Rapid Repulsor Impactor
8 , Mark V Variable Nova Rocket
9 , Mark VI Guided Plasma Cannon
10 , Mark VI Unstable Repulsor Pulse generator
11 , Mark XII Hyper Electro-magnetic Rocket
12 , Mark XIII Enhanced Exotic (*) Projector
13 , Mark XIV Retro-fitted Acidic Impactor
14 , Mark XIV Variable Neutronic Cannon
15 , Mark XV Negating Exotic (*) Projector
16 , Mark XV...

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Guest Random List – 5 Scifi story ideas

Out of ideas? Need a story idea? Here’s some starting points. 

  1. A man awakes after a life-threatening injury to discover that both his arms and legs have been replaced with cybernetic implants.
  2. Two brothers become stranded on a lifeless planet. When they run out of supplies, one is forced to eat the other in order to survive.
  3. When an ordinary spaceship mechanic finds himself trapped in a virtual reality world of his own creation, he becomes the subject of a series of bizarre medical experiments.
  4. After a number of suspicious deaths aboard a deep space patrol vessel, the ship’s captain is suspected of murder, causing the crew to mutiny against him.
  5. Despairing at her inability to bear children, a woman visits a strange alien world seeking advanced medical treatment...
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Random List – Planet Discovery

Need to find something on another world or planet? Roll a d10 and check below to see what you get!

  1. Arachnid Alien
  2. Platinum Ore
  3. Mining Station
  4. Colony
  5. Mining Rig
  6. Distress Beacon
  7. Defense Grid
  8. Living Plants
  9. Mineral Ore – Rare
  10. Crash Site



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Random List – Fantasy Organizations

Need ? Roll a d10 and check below to see what you get!

Servants of the Unholy Staff

  1. Servants of the Fox
  2. Horde of the Royal Fists
  3. Drake Heroes
  4. Brass Arrows
  5. Seekers of the Mystical Eagle
  6. Unholy Coven
  7. Merciful Griffins
  8. Chromatic Regulars
  9. Eye Servants



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