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RPG related podcasts

On a recent thread on Reddit, i asked the question “What is your favourite rpg related podcasts?” After listening to a few of them I have picked out the ones that seem to be ones I will enjoy the most while working etc.

Happy Jacks RPG Podcast – a bit NSFW but very funny

Critical Hits – Not just a podcast but has other handy stuff on their site as well

Crit Juice – “A podcast following professional actors & comedians playing Dungeons and Dragons while under the influence.” – Enough said really

There are more suggested in the thread I linked, so go check it out



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Trying something new on Reddit

I’m trying something new in the devlopment of Easthalen from notes to publication and having an ongoing Q&A on the website reddit

The idea behind this is that is quicker and easier to respond to people using this, plus can direct discusions etc. It saves having a forum setup on this site, something i tried before but caused many problems and extra work. Plus it saves on bandwith and therefore costs. There are other advantages, such as linking to other subreddits etc quite easily.

So pop along and subscribe, it costs nothing but time



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