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R.I.G.S. Sci-Fi – Volume 2 & RPG Round Up

GMS Day Sale

Ok, technically it’s not a day-sale, but the last few days of the sale are on at Drivethru with almost everything by Ennead Games at 30% off

Empire Builder – History Generator has gone gold!

Ennead Games now has its first Gold rated pdf on Drivethru. This means it has sold a lot of copies and is considered to be in the 1.72% of products, so if you haven’t, with the GMs now on, it’s the perfect time to get a copy of your own

R.I.G.S. Sci-Fi – Volume 2

The Ennead Games blog has a regular feature on it called R.I.G.S. (Random Item Generation System), in which an item is randomly created each week and the result is published and expanded on.

System generic, these items are designed with a sci-fi or modern setting, although some could, with only a minor amount of tweaking, be used in a horror or fantasy like setting or story.

Inside this volume you’ll find…

  • Bio Rifle – A weapon that has an organic component
  • Deep Memory Retrieval Unit – Used to access genetic memory
  • Hover Chair – A semi-flying chair
  • Hyper-Glue Dispenser – A much needed dispenser for the strongest glue around
  • Memory Gel – Can form into almost any substance
  • Omni-Nom Universal Nutrient Drink – A customizable nutritional drink
  • Personal Teleporter Controller – Tired of walking? Just teleport!
  • Temporal Collar – Handy for use against those aliens that use temporal shenanigans
  • Temporal Throne – Allows you to view the past when you sit on it
  • Unbreakable Glass – One of the hardest substance known, stronger than ultra-diamond!

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Open Gaming Store and Paizo online stores soon (store links)

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RIGS (Revisited) SciFi 1.06 – Phasing Grenade

From the archives, another of my favourites from the last volume of RIGS

RIGS SciFi 1.06 – Phasing Grenade

“Hated these things. But at the same time, they are damn effective. The training was hard to be qualified to use them, but you never got over the fear of these things, which I suppose is healthy, considering what they can do. I can still remember the training holo-vid they showed us the first day. There was the poor guy testing it. He had one of those early variable phase timer versions, so he through it at his teammate, to demonstrate how when setting up right they would pass through solid objects Only he didn’t set the timer right or there was a defect or something and the grenade phased right inside the guy’s body...

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RIGS SciFi 2.10 – Unbreakable Glass

RIGS SciFi 2.10 – Unbreakable Glass

“So I got the idea for this stuff whilst reading a comic book. There was this metal that was considered indestructible. Yeah, that one! Well Anyway, I spent most of my youth trying to come up with a metal just like it. Found it impossible, even when we discovered new minerals on other planets. But then one day it hit me. We were going about it the wrong way. Treating it like a metal. So for some reason, I started treating it more like a glass. And it worked. But only whilst liquid. Trust me when I say you don’t want to make ANY errors with manufacturing this…”

Activation: N/a
Complexity: 99% to make – N/a to use
Condition: Perfect
Control method: Install like normal glass

UG comes in two forms – Liquid and formed...

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RIGS SciFi 2.09 – Temporal Throne

RIGS SciFi 2.09 – Temporal Throne

“Why is it made from an old throne? All that metal, stone and gold? Ok, ok I get it. It helps to focus the energies required for temporal projection. And yes I’ll admit it does look rather snazzy. But you do release an inherent problem with this concept, don’t you? Apart from the astronomical amount of power this device will require I mean. The person sitting on the throne CANNOT MOVE!…”

Activation: button presses
Complexity: 17%
Condition: Old, worn out looking
Control method: control panel in armrest


As with many other retrofitted technologies, the Temporal Throne resembles a throne that might have been found in the court of a European monarch...

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RIGS SciFi 2.08 – Omni-Nom Universal Nutrient Drink

RIGS SciFi 2.08 – Omni-Nom Universal Nutrient Drink

“Folks, how many times have you been exploring the various worlds the Great Imperium controls when you realise, oh no, you forgot to pack lunch. In fact, you have no food what-so-ever and you can’t risk eating the local wildlife, we all know what happens when you do that! Luckily you remember that you had your emergency can of Omni-Nom, pre-activated via your home decider-a-tron to be a refreshing blast of Ultech Red. Phew, emergency averted! You don’t want this happening to you, so get your can of Omni-Nom today!…”

Activation: Place in the decider-a-tron, then open via ring pull
Complexity: 10%
Condition: Virtually perfect
Control method: N/a

The Omni-Nom Universal Nutrient (ONUN) Drink is a small, “programable” beverage in ...

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