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Arcane Babble Generator and GMs Day Sale News

Arcane Babble Generator

There may come a time when, as a player or GM, you want to create a spellcaster. You may want to write down or say something that sounds impressive to the non-magic users or even create what could be the spell words needed for that incredible feat of arcane power.

This generator, like the techno-babble generator, is designed to give you a set of words that sound like they could be used for spellcasting, rituals or anything where mortals are trying to tap into powers they are not meant to.

Using a series of random d100 table, these words can be combined in an incredible amount of ways, from short words and phrases to complex and almost unspeakable words designed to summon power from the abyss.

Disclaimer – Ennead Games cannot be held responsible for any eldritch horrors or arcane misfire that occur from the result of saying these words out loud.

Inside you’ll find…

  • A system that shows you how to combine the tables together
  • 3 x d100 tables (prefix,join and end/suffix)
  • 1 x d100 table of pre-made examples, to show you what can be done and save you time

Example Arcane Babble

  • Antioayacio Ahguish Auxiame Benetendo
  • Infate Zaouoaris Raviiuguish Nimouaeta
  • Labaeyist Xakloom

Very soon available at – 

Open Gaming Store (Spend over $20 on EG products at Open Gaming Store and get A BONUS OGS (non-bundle) product (PDF) ABSOLUTELY FREE!)

Paizo online stores soon (store links)

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Semi-back from disaster

A bit of a bad news/good news situation this week for me and Ennead Games.

First, the bad – Last week my work machine suffered a catastrophic hard drive failure. Whilst I do have back-ups, the latest couple of items that were ready to be released were not able to be saved. I have the notes for two out of three of them, they still need to be recreated, have the background pages format etc. In essence, I am having to start again from scratch with this and the other projects as well as purchasing a new machine.

So what does this mean? Well this week, and probably next, there will be no new releases – That and the above “bad” news.

Now for the good

Instead of the planned releases I am, from now until Christmas Day, running a sale on the larger bundles EG has on sale

One is everything that EG p...

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30% off Anniversary Sale and the RPG Round Up


30% off Anniversary Sale

No new releases this week for one very good reason – it’s Ennead Games anniversary and I have been stuck nose-deep in a new project that I totally forgot!

So from now, until the end of the month – Almost everything in the Ennead Games range of pdfs is at least 30% off (a few titles have further discounts due to an existing sale)

The only titles not in the sale are those that came out in the last month or so as I don’t think its fair for those who literally just purchased something new to have the price reduced a month later.

This includes, but is not limited to…

For all the titles/pdfs – go here

Don’t forget, the sale ends at the end of October.

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XMAS In July and the RPG Round Up

Xmas in July


No new pdf this week as Drivethru is having a XMAS IN JULY sale, with 25% off almost everything that Ennead Games has put on sale there. Such as…


Don’t forget Ennead Games also has pdfs for sale at 

Open Gaming Store and Paizo online stores

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25% off Anniversary Sale and RPG Round Up

Ennead Games is officially 5 years old this month. Some of the more observant amongst you might have seen products and the like before hand, bu those were tests and rehearsals for when it all got underway half a decade ago.

The sale last for one week, from now until the 24th of October.

Featured products include :-

  • Background & Details Kit 2 – Fantasy Edition :  On sale for $2.24
  • Encounters & Events – SciFi Volume 1 – Space Derelicts : On sale for $1.31
  • [EBK] Empire Builder Kit – History Generator : On sale for $1.31
  • Equipment Maker 1 – Shields : On sale for  $1.12
  • Tavern Kit 2 : On sale for  $1.49
  • And many, many more

Available now at the following locations


Open Gaming Store

If the sale appears to have not started, try again in an hour or so, sometimes takes a little while to show on on the various sites

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