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[List] – 20 Sci-Fi Material Names

This weeks d20 list gives you 20 Sci-Fi material names, generated by using “Quick Generator – SciFi Material Names“, currently rated Electrum on DrivethruRPG.

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D20 Material Name
1 Adjustable Platinum
2 Amorphous Epoxy
3 Anti Vanadium
4 Atomic Nickle
5 Bonded Aluminum
6 Calibrated Polyester
7 Chrono Bronze
8 Compressed Matter
9 Isomorphic Ruthenium
10 Liquid Silver
11 Luminous Cobalt
12 Micro Cable
13 Modified Carbomorph
14 Molecular Cadmium
15 Polarised Brick
16 Radioactive Rubber
17 Solidified Fiber
18 Super Chromium
19 Temporal Iron
20 Unreactive Carbon

 Where to find...

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[Generator] Space & Sci-Fi Encounter Concepts

New generator added today – Space & Sci-Fi Encounter Concepts. This generator is for coming up with a quick concept for a Sci-Fi or space themed encounters, such as a type of planet, anomaly, or spaceship.

Sample Output (refresh page to see another or go to the generator page HERE)

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Star bases and fantasy towns/cities are basically the same

A while ago I was talking to a friend about sci-fi things and the conversation got around to starbases. The friendly debate was that, from my side of things, starbases are, essentially, towns and cities in space.

The logic ran as follows:

  • They are places to stay that harbour you in a possible dangerous environment
  • You can have your transport looked after there
  • There are NPCs to interact with
  • You will often find security forces there watching over you and the other inhabitants
  • Can often buy goods and services of various types
  • Depending on the size, there are some kind of defence systems in place, such as walls, mounted weaponry etc
  • Shady deals and criminals can be found here

The list goes on and on.

This, with minor adjustments for the genre, makes it easy to take a favourite city and mak...

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Equipment Maker SciFi Edition Volume 1 – Firearms

Equipment Maker SciFi Edition Volume 1 – Firearms

The future is quite often not as safe as people think. You need to defend yourself and others from those who seek to do you harm, through design or accident.

You need a firearm. Strictly speaking, a firearm inflicts damage on targets by launching one or more projectiles driven by rapidly expanding high-pressure gas produced by exothermic combustion of propellant within an ammunition cartridge. The name has stuck through common use that it can apply, according to most people anyway, any personal ranged weapon.

The EM series is designed to give you a brief description of the item, but the actual detail are left up to you.

This volume features…
a d100 table for descriptors
a d100 table for damage type
a d100 (with repeating options) for weapon type

smaller tables and rules that cover, in a simple way…
clip/ammo size
Mark/damage rating
weapon sight

Lastly, a d100 of pre-made examples ready for use, giving you examples such as:

“Northwatch” Negating Machine-Pistol
Chain Spatial Shotgun
Continuous Tri-cobalt Insanity Railgun
Elite Dark Matter Disintegrating Rifle
Phasing Slicing Rifle

Available now at : DrivethruRPG

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Random List – 20 Scifi Materials

This weeks list give you 20 real-world materials, each with a sci-fi twist or enhancement.

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D20 Material
1 Active Steel
2 Advanced Solvent
3 Calibrated Leather
4 Calibrated Skin
5 Disrupted Rutherfordium
6 Explosive Ruthenium
7 High-density Molybdenum
8 Hydrophobic Oak
9 Indestructible Steel
10 Luminous Acrylic
11 Meta- Silicon
12 Molecular Platinum
13 Opaque Acid
14 Oscilating Plasma
15 Perfected Plastic
16 Phasing Gel
17 Polarised Nickel
18 Solidified Seaborgium
19 Stretched Cloth
20 Synthetic Diamond
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