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Random List – Settlement Names

Today, I give you 20 generic fantasy settlement names to choose from.

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D20 Settlement Name
1 Brightminster
2 Castle Greenport
3 Cedarriver
4 Covendell
5 Deershire
6 East Autumnex
7 East Eagleover
8 Edinam
9 Godvale
10 High Dragonpool
11 Maytry
12 Mount Covenville
13 New Crystalboro
14 New Keymouth
15 North Ealcaster
16 Queenscord
17 Raveningen
18 Rockcaer
19 Solcliff
20 Waydean


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Random List – 20 settlement names

Nice and simple list today 20 settlement names with an English/British feel to them

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D20 Name
1 Abbeywold
2 Castle Bellplain
3 Cleardown
4 Greater Leafant
5 Greater Leafholt
6 Inner Mageplain
7 Inner Ratyard
8 Kingtoft
9 Low Winterway
10 Middle Ratgard
11 Newion
12 North Knightsberg
13 Oddotte
14 Puretry
15 Rossbluff
16 Southtel
17 Springtoft
18 Waterotte
19 Wickmere
20 Wickmount

Need more?  Then get the “Settlement Name Generator” today from the Open Gaming Store.

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A Chunk of Fantasy 2.09 – Eternus [Settlement]

A Chunk of Fantasy 2.09 – Eternus

“What the heck is a town doing in the middle of the desert? Where does it get its water?”
Sir Arthur Figgins, “Famous” Explorer on his 3rd expedition to map the interior of Slalal Desert

Just over 300 years ago, the Slalal Desert didn’t exist. Where it stood was an area of high fertility and grassland. It was out of the way, for the most part, and there were very few settlements in the area. Eternus was once such settlement. Founded on top of a deep spring, the settlement was given the name of Eternus, named after what was believed to be a god of the same name, who’s power was meant to be eternal and everlasting, the hope is that their name and the spring would allow the settlement to last for eternity.

Sadly, this was not to be...

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Empire Builder – Settlment Overview & RPG Round Up



Empire Builder – Settlement Overview

Having the settlements name and street details is all well and good, but what about the town itself? What sort of defenses does it have? What is the law like? How many people live there? All these questions and more can make coming up with a settlement a daunting task.

The Settlement Overview is designed not to make a full layout for you, but to give you a framework to start with and give you room to grow and expand your cities and towns as you play in them. After all, what’s the point of making a detailed plan of your city if the party is only going there once?

This covers various aspects of the overview for your settlement

Size: How big is the city?
Attitude/Atmosphere: How would you describe the town in one word?
Architecture: What style are the buildings here?
Defenses: What physical defenses does the location have?
Districts and Regions: How is the settlement divided up?
Law: What is the law like here? Do they favor one group over another?
Layout: Is the city in a grid like formation or seemingly random?
Location: Where is this city located?
Population: What is the main race or species of this place?
Purpose: Why was the city built?
Resources: What is the primary import and export of this location?
Ruler: Who, or what rules this place?
Threat: What is the #1 problem this city has to deal with?

Also, features 3 appendixes
Appendix 1 – Buildings: A simple d100 list of some buildings you may find in a settlement
Appendix 2 – Groups : Used in conjunction with the law aspect to determine who or what the laws applies to.
Appendix 3 – Example Settlement Overview Creation: Takes you through an example creation of a settlement using this system.

Available now at –


Very soon available at – 

Open Gaming Store and Paizo online stores soon (store links)

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Random List – 20 Settlement Names

This weeks random list takes it content from “Empire Builder – Settlement Name Generator

D20 Settlement Name
1 Ashenfleet
2 Ashminster
3 Castle Fairlin
4 Deep Cedarop
5 Diamondmarket
6 East Ashening
7 Hampston
8 Inner Covinghold
9 Low Oldbrin
10 Middle Coreex
11 New Brightriver
12 New Northwaite
13 North Carrickwall
14 Old Springtown
15 Port Hardbost
16 Ravenlanding
17 Rossbarrow
18 South Bournecoomb
19 Stenchthwaite
20 Yorkland
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