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Generator Update – Settlement Name Generator

With the release of Empire Builder – Settlement Name Generator this week, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to update the online Settlement Name Generator.

The page has been updated alongside the generator. One thing I am happy with is having figured out the way to get rid of the “_” denoting that there was no prefix. At the moment this generator is only really suitable for settlement with a European style name and structure.

Settlement Names
#1 Middle Grandia
#2 Malgate
#3 Waywell
#4 Castle Dencott
#5 Outer Norter
#6 Beechstock
#7 Firmarket
#8 Low Leafberg
#9 Longwick
#10 Hellby
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Empire Builder Settlement Name Generator & RPG Round Up

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Empire Builder Settlement Name Generator

Across empires, settlements are places to go, to buy supplies and for many people to call home. But what is the name of this town you just stumbled across?

The names created by this settlement name generator are themed mostly around European style settlements, inspired by various countries. Some may be suitable more for some cultures than others. Future editions will deal with other cultures and races, such as Elves or Gnomes or any of the others.

This generator, or series of tables, is designed to help flesh out any needed details you require. Use all of them or just one, they are entirely optional.

In this pdf you’ll find :
An extremly simple name formating optional
A collection of prefixs for the settlement name
4 x d100 tables (2 for the first/main part of the name and 2 for the 2nd part/suffix)
1 x d100 pre-done example to help save you time

Some sample names made from this system, taken from the 100 examples list:
Lake Godcrest

Available now at –



Tabletop Library

Very soon available at – 

Open Gaming Store and Paizo online stores soon (store links)

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Generator Hilight – Settlement Overview

Today, I’m going to highlight another generator – This time it’s the settlement overview.  Originaly this was called the city generator , which is the reason the url for the page has “city” in it. Over the course of making this however,  I soon realised that making this just for cities would be a bad idea compared to making it be about settlement of various size, from mighty metropolises, to humble hamlets.

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10 Settlement names

  1. Low Lisley
  2. West Diamondaber
  3. Bearlan
  4. Invercrest
  5. West Bluemouth
  6. Oldton
  7. Fitzmore
  8. Old Silverpoint
  9. Dart Dayhill
  10. Old Redden
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10 Neighborhood features – Fantasy/Medieval

  1. Lightly patrolled
  2. Civic area with many official buildings
  3. Guild workshops gathered
  4. Businesses plentiful
  5. Shantytown and shelters
  6. Heavy security
  7. Riverside with docks
  8. City gate in the area
  9. Riverside with docks
  10. Nonhuman prominent
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