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[PDF] Quick Generator – Squad Code Name

Quick Generator – Squad Code Name

Many times, all you need is a quick idea or a concept. Something to help spark your imagination or to just fill in the gaps. You don’t want a huge number of tables and need something reasonably quickly.

This is where the Quick Generator series comes in. The QG series from Ennead Games has, generally, no more than 2 x d100 tables, which can give you 10,000 possible combinations!

This particular QG gives you two tables for coming up with a code name or use name, for military style squads. This can be for fantasy genre or modern, or even science fiction. What the name actually means and its history is up to you to decide.

Example output

  • Alpha Raiders
  • Golden Bulls
  • Secret Saints

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[Generator] – Squad Names and other stuff

There’s a new generator gone live over HERE. It’s about squad names and is suitable for military squadron nicknames, or gangs that want to have to sort of name.

As for the other stuff, well, I think it’ pretty obvious the blog is not the same as it was and despite my best efforts, due to RL concerns and so on I can’t keep up with things AND do the other things I want. Now don’t panic, the blog and site will not be going anywhere (barring technical or financial issues etc). But the post will for now, be semi-irregular. There will still be the Friday list, but I think having generators/list tools be the main focus is best for now.

In a way, this is a good thing, as I am busy doing stuff during the day and don’t have time for more blog items...

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d20 List – Military Squad Nicknames

Todays d20 list is for nicknames suitable for a military squad. They can , of course, be used for other things, but the generator that produced them was made with the military in mind.

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1 Alpha Slayers
2 Aquatic Vanguards
3 Brass Patriots
4 Bright Ghosts
5 Brilliant Dragons
6 Crazy Hitters
7 Crimson Falcons
8 Demonic Guard
9 Fanatic Patriots
10 Ferocious Fighters
11 Flaming Defenders
12 Flaming Guardians
13 Ghostly Killers
14 Golden Hunters
15 Imperial Assassins
16 Incredible Watch
17 Infernal Eagles
18 Iron Heroes
19 Jungle Guardians
20 Uncontrolled Daggers
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Random List – 20 Military Squad Nicknames

Certain sections of the military develop nicknames or codenames. This helps to identify them easier and promote a reputation. Knowing, for example, that the “Lethal Wolves” are coming after you sounds scarier than their official documented name.

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1 Ace Avengers
2 Amazing Raiders
3 Angelic Vampires
4 Desert Fortresses
5 Dirty Raiders
6 Double Raptors
7 Glaring Marauders
8 Imperial Guard
9 Incredible Paragons
10 Inglorious Saviors
11 Lethal Wolves
12 Quiet Rams
13 Relentless Assassins
14 Rogue Demons
15 Scorching Paragons
16 Sinister Guard
17 Sinister Liberators
18 Stalwart Ra...
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Random List – Squad Name

Need a name for your squad or battle group? Roll a d10 and check below to see what you get!

  1. The Uncontrolled Avengers
  2. The Terrible Sentinels
  3. The Raging Hyenas
  4. The Royal Rams
  5. The Hated Hammers
  6. The Angelic Hunters
  7. The Perfect Wolves
  8. The Stalwart Paragons
  9. The Dark Sentinels
  10. The Righteous Hyenas

Taken from the upcoming generator – “Squad Namer” by Ennead Games


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