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STA: Damocles – Season 0 – Episode 2 – The Kobayashi Maru

Star Trek Adventures: Damocles

Season 0 – Episode 2 – The Kobayashi Maru

In Starfleet, there is a long-standing tradition. One of the last tests a cadet can face is the now infamous Kobayashi Maru. It was designed as a test of character, a no-win situation that showed how you would handle a situation where no matter what you did, you lost. Some students did extremely well, some, like James T Kirk, cheated.

For a couple of cadets, who were destined to go onto to crew the USS Damocles, it proved to be quite memorable….

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STA: Damocles update

As I have at least four players wanting in on the madness of me GM’ing a game of Star Trek Adventures, I got a bit of reading and behind the scenes work to do. Yesterday I was testing out some roll20 systems and sorted them, today, I’ll be formatting the bridge crew cheat sheet I am making up – This will help both me and the players decide what can be done on the bridge, what skills to check when going to warp etc. Once done I’ll probably be putting it up here on the blog. I am very tempted to start a new page/section dedicated to STA,¬†but that can come later.

Between now and the 28th October – when the first game of Season 0 (“Holodeck”) starts, I got a few things to do:

  • Finish the Bridge Crew Cheat Sheet
  • Finish reading the Core Rules – Not to memorize it, but at least be familiar wh...
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STA: Damocles – How to enlist

If you have been following me on twitter, you’ll know I have been raving about Star Trek Adventures and how I want to a campaign for it. I’m a big Trek fan and have been as long as I can remember. The more I read about and saw of STA, the more I liked it. Then one day, after an amusing discussion on twitter about the best captain (and it’s Sisko in case you was wondering :-p) I realized that my passion for the show has never really ended that now was the perfect time to start a campaign.

But for that, I need players – This is where you come in …possibly…

Requirements to join

Absolute Minimum

  • The quick-start STA pdf – This is available free from HERE (https://www.modiphius...
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