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[PDF] – Starship Maker

Starship Maker

Many years ago, Ennead Games brought out a series of PDFs called the “Starship Kit.” It was designed to help Gamemasters, players and storytellers come up with starship designs and details for their sci-fi games and tales.

Now, it has been compiled into one handy volume, updated in places, some tables tweaked, others expanded and so on.

The Starship Maker gives you a series of tables and ideas to help with your creation or to “fill in the blanks” in an existing design or concept you already have – From the shape, to the engines, to the weapons, even the ship’s name and registration.

Inside you find tables and help with…

  • Armour and Shields
  • Crew Roles (not the crew, just the various jobs)
  • Engines and Propulsion
  • Environmental Systems
  • Medical Systems
  • Power Generatio...
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Random List – Starship Prefixs and Names

Another simple one this week – 20 Starship names with Randomly Generated (yet still maxing sense) prefixes, such as HMS (Her Majestys Starship) or RSV (Republic Star Vessel)

Disagree with this list? Think something else should have gone on it? Post in the comments section or on the social media platform you saw this article.

D20 Prefix and Name
1 CGM Sea Rious
2 HMS Vampire
3 HMV Einsteinium
4 HMV Hammerhead
5 HMV Storm of Rimmon
6 IPS Ah Peku
7 IPV Castledale
8 ISS Confidence of Amurru
9 ISV Challenger
10 JGN Netherarbor
11 KNV Eradication of Math
12 LIC Hornet
13 NIR Athens
14 QNV Redeemer
15 RSV Vampire
16 UJS Greater fire elemental
17 UMV Aisoyimstan
18 UUV Reincarnation
19 VSS Kraken Me Up
20 XSS Unfathomable
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Starship Types – Military Vessels

Military ships are the most varied. They make up the backbone of any respectable star navy. The potency and reliability though can vary from group to group and even from ship to ship within the same class. This list below does not feature every possible starship type, but does include most /classes.

  • Assault – Heavy armoured damage dealer
  • Battleship – Large, slow with superior firepower
  • Blockade Runner – Fast and nimble
  • Bomber – Drops heavy payloads on the target
  • Barrier – Help with blockades or protecting other ships
  • Carrier – A large vessel designed to carrier fighters etc
  • Combat Rep/Medic – AKA the field hospital
  • Command – The ship the commander of the fleet uses
  • Communications – As the name suggests, a starship built with communication, long range and short in mind
  • Covert Ops – Stealt...
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Product Hilight – Starship Kit Volume 6.4:Other Systems

After a long hiatus, the Starship kit continues with “Starship Kit Volume 6.4:Other Systems”. This volume covers the other systems you may find on a starship. The Starship kit is system generic and not tied to any setting. It uses a simple system to help gauge how powerful, complicated or expensive a particular component is.

These systems are everything else that is not medical,enviromental, weapons,armor or anything covered ina previous volume that  you would find on a starship and features:

  • Cargo & Storage : What is the ship carrying and how is it stored?
  • Civilian services : With suhhegstions such as a counsellor or “adult” workers
  • Communication ; What type of features does your ship’s comms sytem have?
  • Engineering/Maintenance : What features does YOUR engineering have?
  • Entertainment &...
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Random List – 20 starship weapons

Need a weapon for your starship? Roll a d20 and check below to see what you get!

[table caption=”Title” width=”500″ colwidth=”20|100|50″ colalign=”left|left|center|left|right”]

D20,starship weapon
1 , Capital-Class Delaying Nuclear Nullifier
2 , Capital-Class Standard Spatial Torpedo
3 , Mark I Piercing Maser Rocket
4 , Mark II Assault Particle Charge
5 , Mark II Custom Laser Digitizer
6 , Mark II Twin-Linked Nova Shard
7 , Mark III Rapid Repulsor Impactor
8 , Mark V Variable Nova Rocket
9 , Mark VI Guided Plasma Cannon
10 , Mark VI Unstable Repulsor Pulse generator
11 , Mark XII Hyper Electro-magnetic Rocket
12 , Mark XIII Enhanced Exotic (*) Projector
13 , Mark XIV Retro-fitted Acidic Impactor
14 , Mark XIV Variable Neutronic Cannon
15 , Mark XV Negating Exotic (*) Projector
16 , Mark XV...

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