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Modified Streaming Schedule

Due to some technical issues with the games and streaming software I’ve had to modify the games that I am running on HERE. As far as I can tell it’s not one thing that’s causing the problems, but a combination of the games being old, my system not being 100% perfect and having to run in a window, rather than having two screens (for game and OBS/Streaming software that is needed).

This means that on Thursdays will be playing another MMO – Assuming no issues will be Star Wars – The Old Republic and on Fridays am jumping ahead to Fallout 3 (then NV and FO4 once they are done). This will be added to the “set up a guild/group” plan for playing with others and so on. I think this will be it for MMOs for me, for the foreseeable future at least.

Saturdays still remain the same – Planned to have ST...

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Planned Weekly Streaming Schedule

Now real-life things have settled down, in addition to the pdf I bring out for Ennead Games most weeks, I can focus a bit more on the streaming for my twitch channel over @ MobiusTempus  .

A regular, predictable schedule of days, times and games will help a lot to grow the channel. This, so far is what I have planned for each day, with a summary at the bottom. All times are in GMT, but on the channel page, there is a widget that shows you the time of the next planned stream in your local time.


Time Slot – 7:30 pm

Game – Saints Row 4

After i have done the storyline, will be doing “Gat out of Hell”, then SR3. Probably won’t be playing the first two as I much prefer the goofy humour and weirdness of the later games.


Time Slot – 6:00 pm

Game – Star Trek Online

This will be ...

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Streaming Info – Part 2

I realized last night I forgot to add quite some things to my post yesterday about the streaming I’m going to be doing soon, so seems appropriate to continue today with some more information about it.

Whats the channel?

The twitch channel is MobiusTempus. An EnneadGames channel will probably be coming later.

When will I start streaming properly?

I’ll be running a few more test streams to set up OBS and the other software, but I’ll be “officially” start streaming 5th of December 6pm GMT, for probably around 2 or 3 hours or so. The planned days will be Tuesday, Thursdays, with alternate Saturdays starting later (for the STA game – time to be decided but probably 7 or 8pm GMT) and Sundays being a bit earlier, at around 2pm GMT...

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